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A fast fun read
Review by E.A. Walsh Jan 3, 2018
Wow, is all I have to say. There is so much right with this book, it's a fast thrill ride that will have your head in a jumped mess, the good kind. The plot stayed on point, there were no holes, no distractions. I felt like everything moved in the right direction from the start and I didn't fell confused or disappointed. I loved the characters, Violina really caught my attention. I'm not going to say too much as it will spoil this epic ride, but I will say that she is what a MC should be, … Read More
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10 stars
Review by lauriebeemer74 Sep 7, 2017
This book was a true work of amazement and delight. I think that this book will be placed on my top 20 books to read more than 5 times. Every person in this book was an important part of this story and hopefully more upcoming stories. I loved the chemistry and relationship that the author developed between Jackie and Garrett was spectacular, hot, and unexpected. I loved every part of this book and I am upset that I finished it. Thank you Reading Alley and Gayle Parness for allowing me to read this … Read More
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Thank you Laurie! I appreciate you taking the time to read Rebirth and also all your lovely comments. :0) Stalked - Book 2 - will be available on Reading Alley soon. Gayle
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Phoenix book review
Review by nlippolis Jun 20, 2017
This novel was good, but different than what I expected it to be. The plot becomes dark at times, involving abusiveness. It also contains magic and some romance, and betrayal.The story flows and has the point of view of three characters, which express their feelings and thoughts. The author gave several plot twists that I did not even suspect. Princess Violetta Flame saw her mother and brother killed and years later learns it was murder. She wants to be free and have the responsibility of being … Read More
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An epic tale, mythical in location and characters
Review by jeepwonder Jun 10, 2017
This story wasn't quite what I expected, but in a good way. The author developed the plot into a substantial story, some predictable but most was original and unexpected. The story itself was about a princess about to reach adulthood, her struggles and fears. More importantly, her decisions and how they effected those around her. It included more than one kingdom, and even mentioned the effects on the peasants within them at some points. Mythical beasts were mentioned on occasion, and … Read More
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A Hidden and Glorious Gem of an Adventure
Review by jstocks Jun 17, 2017
Characters - 5/5 Violina and Lux are the REAL definition of strong female leads. Katniss and the girl from Divergent (whatever her name is) can go hang out with Bella in twilight after reading this. It's amazing how well they can pull off being so lovable and yet so... down to business (violently speaking that is). Bonus points for making me literally laugh out loud on more than one occasion. As for the bad guys, I've always enjoyed those types of stories where I can put myself in each character's … Read More
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A Little Violent, A Lot of the Time.
Review by jeepwonder Jun 13, 2017
This story may not appeal to just everyone. But to those who enjoy sci-fi you will get into this plot and enjoy trying to figure out the twists and turns. Time travel by it's very nature can be complicated, but the two authors laid out their rules for it, and stuck to it. Then they used those rules to force a storyline that was entertaining and slightly revolting at times. But the same human nature that causes people to slow down at the scene of accidents will keep you trapped as you read to find … Read More
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So glad to hear you enjoyed it! Sounds like you might need to take a nap for a couple days to recoup... :P
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Review by msloriv May 23, 2017
This was a great start to this series. When I first started reading, I wasn't sure of the direction that it would take. I liked that was different. All of the characters had a strong presence in the story, and it made so much "more". Jackie had a rough start in life, but she was still able to move forward. I liked that she was strong without being arrogant. She had a great sense of herself. She was refreshing. Garrett's passion and empathy, and made him unique. It made him a stronger … Read More
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Deliciously tortured!
Review by jeepwonder May 13, 2017
The shifter genre has been represented many times, yet this story was fresh and not a garbled rehash of the predictable plot lines. The main character had a difficult childhood, but never used it as an excuse, but rather was a character I could respect and admire. The author developed other important characters that were well rounded and that seemed 'real' to me as the reader. Just when I would think the action was slowing, another development would happen to keep me interested. I read the story … Read More
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Great Story and Superb Writing
Review by CrazyOnBooks Apr 20, 2017
Unexpected Rewards has all the elements of an endearing story amidst a historical backdrop. Combine this with great writing from the author and you have a book that's unputdownable! I truly enjoyed reading every part of the story. The female lead, Olivia, is someone that I find myself rooting for throughout the story. She is quite a loveable lead -- a girl with a pure heart, having noble intentions, but is a newcomer in kingdom and kingdom politics. Faced with different odds that seem to come … Read More
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A Dark High School Romance
Review by reviewsinheels Mar 13, 2017
At first glance, this book starts like a Twilight knock-off: teenager starts high school in a new town, supported by a caring single parent, with a twist: she’s the vampire. BUT if you can get past the knee-jerk reaction to the actual story, it’s well worth your time. Hannah is an eminently sympathetic main character: she wants nothing more than a normal life and only slowly does she realise how much vampirism has changed her and the future ahead of her. Beyond the thirst for blood, super … Read More