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Heartfelt and Emotional
Review by sinfullywickedbookreviews May 17, 2018
Daisy Sugarbush is not your average girl. She rather be fixing cars and unclogging toilets with her father than staying at home with her mother learning how to cook and clean. She always thought she should have been born a boy as anything domesticated surely did not interest her. Daisy could never reach her mother’s high standards in learning how to be the perfect wife and mother. All the wisdom she learned, she learned through her father. Her father was her anchor up until he became sick, … Read More
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Gritty, heart rending realism
Review by jeepwonder Apr 15, 2018
The author Mike Owens has crafted a realistic glimpse into what many chronic, long term disabled patients deal with. The characters were frighteningly real and well developed, the plot kept the story moving without any lulls or lags. The main thing that surprised me was the emotional impact the characters had. Each detail further painted the picture he was weaving, leaving you a more vivid portrait of the action going on. Later in the story some of the wrap up seemed a bit contrived. But it … Read More
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Lipstick on the Strawberry ... Margaret Ann Spence
Review by Barj Dec 15, 2017
What a story Camilla Fetherwell has a lot of things that she has to overcome. The characters in this book make you see that all families have some quirks that must be met with a lot of patience and understanding. This book makes you feel like you are right there watching it unfold. This is a new Author who I will be following to see what other books she does. I received a copy of this book and I am voluntarily reviewing it
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It blew my mind
Review by lillysbookworld Nov 27, 2017
This book was something else. Both characters still have a lot to learn about each other, or have to rediscover a lot about each other. It unnerved me at times, but it also helped me understand the actions or the decision they took. I really had no clue how it would end. So I went on with every page and kept on reading. And I liked what I read. Finally tired of being lied to, or finally tired of ignoring the ever present signs, Evie takes some time away from her marriage. Hoping to figure out … Read More
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A real page turner!
Review by missusjjj Oct 13, 2017
Get captivated by how the author makes every moment exciting and sexy as Darcy and Zachary's paths crossed again. Do they really have overcome their pasts? Because it seems like meeting again has started something to them. Certainly, something happened. Will it be out of love? Or just out of anger sprouting from what happened in the past. I really love Zachary's character in this story, he has that very strong, punishing but manly character that every woman will surely love. And one thing is for … Read More
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Almost peed my pants funny 😂
Review by darrian311 Sep 13, 2017
I can totally relate to this book, except for the swoon worthy super rich boyfriend. I've been on yo-yo diets ever since I've had children. I'd diet and exercise for a month, lose a few pounds or gain a few pounds and give up. I'm glad Evie had a pushy best friend and new friends to keep her butt moving. Oh Carter! I love how his character was down to earth and not just another cocky, arrogant, every woman wants me millionaire. He was so patient and so sweet to make dates to include Evie's diet … Read More
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Review by lauriebeemer74 Aug 23, 2017
I need to start off by saying that this was an important and needed addition to books everywhere. I could relate so much to the battle that the lovely and amazing Everly went through every day; not just trying to become more fit but to learn to love oneself no matter what. Every man in her life was totally different so why was she struggling so hard to conform to what she considered beautiful? Being unique and being yourself is more important than anything and this book was an amazing way to show … Read More
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It was emotionional
Review by Patty Mele Aug 22, 2017
This book was a great winner as it brought the reader to the top of the emotionals and also delved into the mind set of people. It was an enjoyable book to read and would love to read others in this authors words. Well done and please do it again
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Great read!!
Review by singneon Aug 20, 2017
Evie is hilarious. The girls are shocking. Carter is the man, he is so compassionate, open and upfront, patient. He is so heartwarming & gives you the warm tingles inside..."gotta love it when you get the tingles"... Blaze was kind of pushy but she's a very good friend to Evie. The weight issue is a bit sensitive for the romance genre but its not overdone here & the author does a great job blending that with the life drama and a love story. Review copy provided via Reading Alley … Read More
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Funniest romance ever read
Review by trully Aug 10, 2017
You can't help but be intrigued by Everly and her crew of colorful mouthed friends. Then there is the slew of men who come in and out fast in her life for professional and personal reasons. What's a girl to do? She wants her fat to be gone for starters! She feels that is the answer to her problems and her ex-boyfriend breaking up with her without warning. Who knew Everly would have more options than a few? And the best option is the one she was least likely to take. The best gift was … Read More