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Quite The Ride
Review by mistivelvet Jan 10, 2018
As a native Texan familiar with country life and the rodeo, I appreciate the authenticity Nya Rawlyns displays in Thunder Basin. The dialogue and terminology ring true. I love the fully fleshed out and believable characters, especially the protagonist, Glenn, and his love interest, Ava. The arc of their relationship is realistic and intriguing. The sex scenes are well-written, crafted with heat and humor. The vivid descriptions of various meals made my mouth water. And I love the overall care the … Read More
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Daring to accept a second-chance at love
Review by elfthereadingaddict Aug 4, 2017
4.5 stars “Down Home Cowboy” by Maisey Yates is an adult contemporary cowboy romance story that is part of the ‘Copper Ridge Novel’ series. This story beautifully combines the challenges of single-parenting with the complications of fitting into an extended family that is based on dysfunctional relationships and adding in a new relationship that is fraught with its own baggage. I cheered for the way the heroine has rebuilt her life and had no problem understanding why she was so wary … Read More
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Great romantic suspense!!!
Review by cherylss Jul 23, 2017
This is book 2 in the Cahill Ranch series and it features bar owner, Darby Cahill and Roma gypsy, Mariah Ayers. Sometimes it is fate. Two people are actually MEANT to be together. Mariah and Darby are two such people. Through all the suspicions, learning how to trust and how to love and through all the danger, these two know exactly what they want when the dust settles. This is a fantastic story with great characters and enough suspense to keep you on the edge of your seat to the end. There is … Read More
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Hard to believe it would lead to a HEA with so many obstacles between them, but it did.
Review by rjsummers Jul 18, 2017
Disclaimer: I was given an ARC by the author’s publisher, Harlequin, in exchange for an honest review. How can we expect a relationship to build and last? She was a thief and pickpocket, looking for a mark before skipping town. He accidentally snagged her bracelet as she went for his wallet. She’s on the run from a husband she left on her wedding day. He hires her to work in the family bar. Not exactly great attributes to lay a strong foundation in a relationship. Yet, through careful … Read More
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Very enjoyable book
Review by snoopydoo77 Jul 13, 2017
This is the 8th book in the Copper Ridge series but it can be easily read as a standalone. I have not read any of the previous books and did not feel like I missed something. Which is always good. Most know, that I enjoy Cowboy books among Rockstar and Hockey books , when it comes to romance books, so it was really way to like this book. This was the first book I read by Maisey Yates but I plan on reading more of her books. I liked the writing style it had a nice flow to it and was easy to follow … Read More
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Unfortunately lackluster
Review by noveladdiction Apr 26, 2017
I wanted to love this. I had high hopes for it - Harper Sloan is an awesome writer, and I love me some cowboys. But unfortunately, this book fell flat. I think what really made it rough for me was the pacing. I don't really notice pacing until I get a rough example of it, but this book definitely made it noticeable. The transition from scene to scene felt awkward, at best. The scenes themselves moved either too fast, or uncomfortably slow. The thing is, I liked the characters. And the story itself … Read More
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Two broken hearts find healing together.
Review by uptildawnbooks Jul 7, 2017
**Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of this book.** Cain has his hands full raising his teenage daughter and trying to convert an old barn into a suitable home for the two of them. Having been abandoned by his wife, he isn't quick to rush back into another relationship. But he can't deny the sexual side of him still craves the touch of a woman. And Alison butters his biscuit like no other. Alison is a busy bee, herself. Running a bakery and training all of her employees takes up most … Read More
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Dusty Desires
Review by Heartracer May 30, 2017
.Many western romance stories have a difficult time of catching my attention completely. The entire book had me gnawing on my nails because of the events that happen in this book. Elizabeth left home for several years while getting treatments for the horrible attack from a mountain lion. Severe scaring on her arm and leg plus the limp makes her feel damaged. The one man she loved beside her father was the man who called her damaged goods and broke her heart. Elizabeth has just broken up with her … Read More
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Wow! Excellent!
Review by booksnuggle May 14, 2017
Lost Rider by Harper Sloan is book number one in the The Coming Home series. This is Maverick "Mav" Austin Davis and Leighton "Leigh" Elizabeth James' story. Wow! Loved it! This book covers so many emotions from anger, sadness, humor, and twists to intense chemistry. The author did a great job of where the reader could feel the characters emotions. It pulls you in and everything around you just disappears. I absolutely fell in love in Mav and Leigh and loved their … Read More
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Great heroine
Review by Cait Lynch Apr 29, 2017
In this Western historical romance, Elizabeth Coltrane comes home to Texas, to the ranch she stands to one day inherit and the man who rejected her six years ago. Scarred from a mountain lion attack when she was a child, and bearing new emotional scars after the fiancé she found in New York cheated on her, she is in no mood to put up with domineering nonsense from Chase Cameron, her father's trusted foreman... and the man she's been in love with ever since he saved her from the mountain lion who … Read More