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Inspiration and Hope
Review by polishgirl75 Sep 5, 2015
I really liked this book. It's shows us that what ever is going on in our lives all we need are hope and inspiration.. We can't go without those things. This book is really good and I'm glad that I was able to read and review it for the author. I highly recommend this book.
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Heartwarming collection of farm life stories
Review by stembie3 Jul 21, 2015
Most of the essays in Hall's book are tales of animal rescues or stories of her pets on the farm. My favorite was "Sunset" where Hall describes guiding several wounded moths to a bush to feel the wind as they died. It brought tears to my eyes. I could definitely empathize with most of Hall's experience because I too have many pets and am hard pressed to swat even a fly. Hall recounts her many rescues of wildlife her cats and dogs bring to her doorstep. Aside from her use of quotation … Read More
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Uplifting and inspiring
Review by ashia Jun 8, 2015
DEEP BREATHS: TALES OF HOPE AND INSPIRATION is an uplifting collection of short stories on life seen through the author's experiences with nature, animals and people. Though there were some essays that merely state a certain experience that the author has with her cats and dogs, for example, there are several stories that contain nuggets of wisdom and inspiring, universal life messages. Sometimes, I rush through life so fast that reading these real-life short stories is just what I need to pause … Read More