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Enjoyable read!
Review by Romancing the Books Mar 2, 2018
I can't get enough of college romances, a holdover I think from the YA highschool contemporary romances that I love to read back in my youth. This story gives us the nitty-gritty of college life, together with all the booze and partying of that time. Of course, there are some students who also placed an emphasis on studying, those with the vision of their future, and one of these is Clara, even as she found herself having the need to be balanced with the lighter side of life by her roommate Rose … Read More
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Review by Hot Choco and Books Feb 8, 2018
TAME THE BEAST is an enjoyable college romance with all the drama and identity searching. Adam is a typical hero--rich, privileged, spoiled, a manwhore. Although I have to say that he became the latter due to something in his past, so maybe he has a valid reason than most heroes. I feel for him; he shouldn't have had to experience that. Some people use tragedies/disappointments as stepping stones to growing up, however, Adam turned to drinking, whoring and generally becoming a disappointment … Read More
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A perfect college romance, with all the fuss, drama and love
Review by lillysbookworld Jan 26, 2018
A perfect college romance, with all the fuss, drama and love. I liked this book quite a lot, even if the title was a little misleading. I was expecting a high dose of craziness and misbehaving, but that was not the case. Regardless of my expectations, it is still a very enjoyable book. Clara is your normal geek, who wants to experience life outside books and grades once in a while. So she is off to college. She wants to find balance between hanging out with friends and still maintaining good … Read More
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Sometimes reality shows have no clue but the main character better find one!
Review by trully Jan 13, 2018
Edmund is a sight for sore eyes with a very self centered personality to match. He wants what he has in store for him, but WHAT is in store for him? Is he ready? Abby doesn’t like waiting tables at times when people can show their worst side. However she has to deal with it to keep her job. When requesting Will’s help to get a rich wife and fast to continue his lavish life, Lord Edmund has no idea that he could even care about another in a way where he may possibly reconsider what he … Read More
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“The world had changed. But I didn’t mind. I’d gotten to change right along with it.”
Review by fani Oct 4, 2017
I can’t believe that I finished reading this book in one sitting. I started “Superhero Syndrome” thinking that I would read just a few chapters, but the next time I checked my progress I had almost reached the end. Not once did I feel bored while reading this book. The plot was interesting and the way the main characters reacted when they found out about their superpowers seemed realistic to me. I liked the fact that they didn’t suddenly transformed into the ultimate warriors. Instead, … Read More
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There are heroes among us.
Review by jeepwonder Sep 29, 2017
The superhero genre is one that draws huge interest and has enthusiastic fans. There seems to be a need to believe that justice can be imposed, even if normal humans don't have the strength and gifts that can make it happen. And the result is the dream for superheroes. The most subtle of nuances can drive people from one comic book hero to the competitors. Ask a fan if they like Marvel, or DC comics, and not only will they have an answer but reasons for those strong opinions to back them up. … Read More
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Review by lauriebeemer74 Sep 9, 2017
If this book was a full length it would be seriously awesome I absolutely loved the way that the two meet and the chemistry between them but the end not so much; it made me upset that it ended like that. Thank you Reading Alley and Sue Lilley for allowing me to read this book and write a honest review.
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Butterfly Serenade (O'Malley Brothers Book 1) ... Julianna Douglas
Review by Barj Sep 8, 2017
This story will have you wanting to be, right there with Rose as she goes through the things she does it is an emotional, very well handled story. She is a brave woman who must learn how to trust again.I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it.
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Review by lauriebeemer74 Sep 5, 2017
This book is so fascinating. This is the first book that I have read by Caryn Larrinaga and I enjoyed it. I have never read a book where superheroes are part of the plot and plays into a much bigger picture. When Tess meets Reed what follows next is pretty awesome. I hope there are more books that belong on this series. I look forward to reading more by this author. Thank you Reading Alley and Caryn Larrinaga for allowing me to read this book and write a honest review.
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Rest For The Weary
Review by Heartracer Sep 4, 2017
Snowdrops and Stardust is a short story about feeling smothered in a world where no privacy or people falling at your feet can make you want to escape. Aiden Delaney is a very popular star who sings for a living. He loved the life of a celebrity until the shine wore off. He hitches a ride with a truck driver to take him anywhere expect to the next sold out show. When the truck stops and he jumps out, he realizes that he is all alone with the silence, the snow, and the darkness. Marianne owns … Read More