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Honor, Trust, and Love
Review by Heartracer May 28, 2017
In martial arts there is a name that sums up their entire purpose, Bushido- Honor. That is exactly what this story is about. Sloan Cartland works with his best friend at Northstar Security Firm. They have just learned that a hacker has sent sensitive information about witnesses in major cases to the news. When the companies computer expert is unable to be contacted, Sloan is sent to her home in Idaho. He stops at a service station to fill up his tank before trekking the rest of the way to Allison … Read More
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Well written historical romance novel with a touch of mystery
Review by yvo_itsallaboutbooks May 25, 2017
I love stories with a different setting so the fact that The Last Valentine is set in Puerto Rico was a big selling point for me. Add the promise of the combination of a historical fiction and mystery read, and I just knew I had to read this story…And it has definitely turned out to be an enjoyable read. Both the 1930s setting in Puerto Rico and the whole mystery around the labyrinth of love letters stood out for me. The descriptions are well done and I found myself looking forward to discover … Read More
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Cyber Sparks
Review by bookreader7 May 24, 2017
Breaking the Honor Code is a well-rounded good story. Sloan and Allison sure have enough sparks between them. Good romance. I enjoyed how the author was able to bring to totally different people together. A solid plot and strong dialogue help move the story along quite well. Overall the romance progressed smoothly between the main characters.
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Fact and fiction and natural disasters
Review by elfthereadingaddict May 19, 2017
4.75 stars “The Devil’s Triangle” by Catherine Coulter and J.T. Ellison is part of the 'A Brit in the FBI' series and follows Kitsune, the master thief, whose latest heist has very unexpected repercussions, one of which prompts her to contact her former foes, Nicholas Drummond and Michaela (Mike) Caine. Their crew goes to Italy, with Dillon’s blessings, but the body count starts rising and the potential for massive destruction warrants unconventional alliances and impromptu solutions. … Read More
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The best of both worlds
Review by jeepwonder May 19, 2017
This book was a mixture of mystery/drama and it was also part romance. I was afraid that one part would be done well at the expense of the other. But the author pulled both off with style. The two main characters were surrounded by situations and peripheral characters that helped the plot and action. Of course the two knew each other, but were completely wrong in their impressions. That is typical for romance, and being caught in life threatening situations added spice to the mix. The evil villain … Read More
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Passionate Story About Transformation
Review by jrachelrob Nov 2, 2016
Izzy is the tough, sexy Latino bad girl of every kinky man's dreams! Like the title suggests, she is a desirable beauty full of deceit. This is a woman who knows what she wants and won't think twice about manipulating people into doing her dirty work for her. Even so, Sean, her boy toy, knows there's more to this sex goddess than a hot body and devil's persona. She's got a softer side, and he's going to bring it out. This is an erotic telling of a bad girl's transformation into her true potential. I … Read More
Comment from the Author
Thank you for your awesome review. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story and Izzy. She is one of my favorite characters, too! :)
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5 wild and unpredictable stars for EDGE OF TRUTH!
Review by Delta May 12, 2017
High-profile American TV journalist Tess Newell is certain that someone, anyone, will be searching for her after she's been kidnapped by a terrorist group in East Africa. When a French Foreign Legionnaire literally gets dropped into her hellhole, Tess is wary, but glad to have human contact again. Flynn doesn't mess around. After recovering for a few hours, he's busting them out of the underground dungeon and into that desert night, evading recapture, land mines, opportunistic thieves and a multi-government … Read More
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“I won’t let anything happen to you. That’s my word of honor.”
Review by fani May 15, 2017
“Breaking the honor code” is a book that has a nice balance between suspense and romance. I really liked the fact that even though the book has plenty of action packed scenes there was still time for Sloan and Allison to have a few intimate moments and get to know each other. Usually romance stories begin after the very first meeting of the main characters, but here the heroine already met the hero a long time ago, these two might have spent their everyday life working together, but they didn’t … Read More
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A hero behaving unheroically
Review by Cait Lynch May 10, 2017
Breaking The Honor Code is the second book I've read in Stanalei Fletcher's Northstar Security series - you can read my review of Proving Ground here. While loosely connected, each book is absolutely readable as a standalone; you don't get characters from previous books popping up all over the place to confuse the main plot and the romance between the two leads. Allison is Northstar's 'cyborg queen', a brilliant, geeky young woman who genuinely loves her job. When Northstar receives a threat … Read More
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When it all goes wrong
Review by Heartracer May 7, 2017
Over the year I have learned never to ask "What else can go wrong?" There is ALWAYS something far worse that can happen. This book took me completely by surprise with the twists and turns that make you wonder every step. I couldn't imagine having an alcoholic mother who is laying in a coma fighting for her life. Sarah Wright is a hard working nurse who is dedicated to the pediatric field. She gave up her boyfriend to move home to care for her mother who was in a car wreck and broke both … Read More
Comment from the Author
Thank you for your kind words! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story and spending time with my characters. :) If you have time, I would love it if you could post this review on Amazon.