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Fast-paced and fun paranormal romance
Review by reviewsinheels Mar 8, 2017
Tallulah sees dead people. No, really. Her mother was institutionalised for her visions so Tallulah’s medicine woman grandmother cautioned her against revealing her talents. Instead, she is a hotel inspector, travelling the country with her pet pug Franny. When she step into the Hotel LaBelle, she has no idea that she will meet a not-quite-ghost who will turn her life upside down. This was a fun read – the plot was fast-paced, the dialogue witty, and the research into and portrayal of the … Read More
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Thank you for your thoughtful review and constructive feedback. I appreciate you reading and reviewing my work. If you have time, I'd love it if you could post your review on Amazon. Thanks!! Sharon
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Excellent heist thriller
Review by Cait Lynch Mar 8, 2017
This was a really well-written, cleverly done piece of fiction. The book is narrated in the first person by James, a ne'er-do-well from a wealthy family, and we feel sympathy from him right from the beginning as we learn that a simple change in government regulations put him out of a career as an online poker player overnight. Purposeless, he drifts down to Florida on an errand for his important, wealthy father and winds up in the orbit of a ex-televangelist preacher named John Wainwright. … Read More
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Review of A Lady's Code Of Misconduct
Review by nlippolis Mar 3, 2017
This novel was a good read. I enjoyed the characters and the plot, which includes romance, deceit, and some mystery. People can change if they want to and came be inspired by others. Crispin Burke is the second son of a viscount. He is a powerful man and is very ambitious. He has plans to become Prime Minister. He has made many deals with members of Parliament through devious intentions. Jane Mason is a wealthy heiress. With her parents dead, her uncle prevents her from marriage and seeing London … Read More
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All's well that ends well
Review by jeepwonder Mar 4, 2017
I thoroughly enjoyed this story. The author appeals to human nature as the plot unfolds, we all want to know our place and feel like we belong. And, probably know what it's like to feel out of place on occasion. So, it was easy to identify with the main character. The action was typical of the romance genre, with enough twists to the plot to keep it from becoming predictable. The typical romance has a few places where you have to suspend reality to follow the romance as it grows, with set … Read More
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Thank you for the lovely review!
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An Enjoyable Read!
Review by cafinatedreads Mar 6, 2017
This is a new to me author and one that I am pleased to say is talented and I enjoyed her story. I admit that I was a little skeptical when I started this book, as it seemed a little slow to me. But, I pushed on and was happy that I did. The writing style of Ms. Ashby is unique and witty. The characters are full of charm and capture the readers hearts. From start to finish, I was captivated by the characters. Ashley's character especially! She's well chiseled for her role in the story. If you … Read More
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Review by JessiS80 Mar 6, 2017
What can I say? Tara Fox Hall is my favorite author ever and I have read almost everything she has written without being disappointed in the slightest, that sure did not stop here! I was sucked in from start to finish barely able to set it down. Playing like a movie in my head through the whole thing smelling the smells, feeling everything from the kisses to the hellfire. Tara truly has a way to suck you in with her characters and make you completely fall in love with them, I mean who ever thought … Read More
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Thank you for the excellent review, I appreciate it very much!! I will try to write faster, lol!
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It's unique
Review by DivaC Mar 6, 2017
A very interesting paranormal tale and one that definitely has its moments. You like Laurel when you meet her and the best friend and her husband Grant. You definitely like the hero of the story. It had a little bit of everything and definitely kept you reading till the end. So if you get a chance, check it out and enjoy. You just might be pleasantly surprised.
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A nice little mystery.
Review by DivaC Mar 6, 2017
Olivia wants to solve a mystery before the 3 year deadline to find out why it happens expires. She enlists Ryan who was very resigned about it, but somehow manages to become involved in said situation and manages to find themselves way over their heads. It had action, tense situations, some humor and likeable characters and you definitely like Olivia’s sisters Lauren and Danny. You rooted for the story to come to a nice ending with everybody getting what they wanted. So if you get a chance check … Read More
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Intriguing mix of paranormal and intrigue
Review by readerx Nov 27, 2016
Fast paced and flowing, this books delves into human trafficking with a touch of paranormal activity. Sam and Jordan's love story flows along this background, with both of them having emotional hurts on their backstory, the path to each other is rocky and the author does a good job of bringing it all together. The overall plot of trafficking was well done and brought to light in a way that tugs at your heart string and wants you to do something and cheer for the people who fight this injustice. … Read More
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A little desert heat
Review by DivaC Mar 6, 2017
Interesting characters and unique story telling. You like the chemistry between Navaho police officer Sam Tohee and Social Worker Jordan Bia. Though they meet under dangerous circumstances because of her work as a social worker and his as a police officer. It had a steamy connection once they met up. It had a little bit of everything and kept you interested until the very end. And you hoped every thing would work out the way you wanted it to.So if you get a chance, pick up a copy and enjoy a … Read More