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Tales from a different perspective
Review by leslieo Jan 21, 2018
Have you ever given any thought to how different a story would be if told from a different point of view? Would Hansel and Gretel be different if we heard from the witch? Would Cinderella be any different if the story was from the point of view of one of the stepsisters? How would our sympathies change? Would they? In Mike Klaassen’s THE FROG PRINCE, we are introduced to the retelling of the classic Grimms’ fairy tale from the perspective of the frog. When we first meet Gerit, the prince, … Read More
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Sometimes reality shows have no clue but the main character better find one!
Review by trully Jan 13, 2018
Edmund is a sight for sore eyes with a very self centered personality to match. He wants what he has in store for him, but WHAT is in store for him? Is he ready? Abby doesn’t like waiting tables at times when people can show their worst side. However she has to deal with it to keep her job. When requesting Will’s help to get a rich wife and fast to continue his lavish life, Lord Edmund has no idea that he could even care about another in a way where he may possibly reconsider what he … Read More
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A mobster love story
Review by readerx Jan 13, 2018
Focusing on Vernon and Bella/Sierra in this book, the author does an okay job in making you fell like you're not missing too much from not having read the first in the series. With Bella being targeted, having her business come under attack and her pets attacked, she runs and ends up sleeping rough. With Vernon back in her life, he wants to take care of her, even if she has fears and want to do her own thing. A slow moving book at times, the chemistry between these two does not lie, and the … Read More
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A story that was a delicate dance.
Review by jeepwonder Jan 11, 2018
We each have our dark moments, and respond to them in our own ways. The author created characters with dark moments, dark sides to their personas. But instead of this being a tale about the descent into darkness she spun a tale about those characters learning to reach for life, to embrace life within the limits fate had placed on them. It was a delicate dance for the people within the book, and it was choreographed with finesse and style. The balance was done from a point of view that accepted … Read More
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Quite The Ride
Review by mistivelvet Jan 10, 2018
As a native Texan familiar with country life and the rodeo, I appreciate the authenticity Nya Rawlyns displays in Thunder Basin. The dialogue and terminology ring true. I love the fully fleshed out and believable characters, especially the protagonist, Glenn, and his love interest, Ava. The arc of their relationship is realistic and intriguing. The sex scenes are well-written, crafted with heat and humor. The vivid descriptions of various meals made my mouth water. And I love the overall care the … Read More
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Tell It Like It Is Stanalei Fletcher
Review by Barj Jan 4, 2018
This is the first book by this Author that I have read and found that this was a story I could immerse my self in, from the first to last pages, very well written. I will be reading others in this series. I received a copy from Reading Alley and am voluntarily leaving a review.
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A fast fun read
Review by E.A. Walsh Jan 3, 2018
Wow, is all I have to say. There is so much right with this book, it's a fast thrill ride that will have your head in a jumped mess, the good kind. The plot stayed on point, there were no holes, no distractions. I felt like everything moved in the right direction from the start and I didn't fell confused or disappointed. I loved the characters, Violina really caught my attention. I'm not going to say too much as it will spoil this epic ride, but I will say that she is what a MC should be, … Read More
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Shake Up Joyce Palmer
Review by Barj Dec 16, 2017
What a great read. I enjoyed this book from the first page to the last one. There is suspense, action, second chances, villains, shootouts ,I could not put this book down until I was finished it. It is Lacey Parker , Sheriff Jonathan Parker and Jay Lacey's partner in the DEA. This is actually like two stories in one, one is Lacey and Jonathan's part and the other is Lacey and Jay's where they are trying to bring a villain to justice. I received a copy of this book and I am voluntarily reviewing … Read More
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Escaping death when it is fated may be easier said than done
Review by lacrimsonfemme Jan 1, 2018
Escaping death when it is fated may be easier said than done. New to me Author W.L. Brooks grabs me by the ruff on my neck and sucks me into this small town soap opera. Reegan McGrath escaped her small town, Willows Bluff to become the photographer she's wanted to be. Sure, she may not be traveling the world as she first thought, but she is still with her best friend, Sydney. Sydney is the poor little rich girl whose is estranged from her mother but adored by her father. Sydney's father showers … Read More
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Lions, leopards and bears, oh my!
Review by lacrimsonfemme Dec 30, 2017
New to me author Ms. Dean hooks me into her fantasy world starting from the first page. Struggling to survive Ellie West is pining her dreams on a singing audition. Working as a waitress in a little cafe isn't her dreams, but it keeps her housed in a tiny apartment of her own. With no one to call family, Ellie only has two friends in the world - her boss and co-worker. How depressing is this? What is sad is that this story plays across most countries and many people are in the same situation … Read More