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Review by karent May 7, 2015
Promise Me; is a four point five star read. The story line is intriguing from the very first paragraph, to the very end. Daniel is the first character we met and there is something about the way he is described that makes you got to find out more about him. Then we meet Sarelle his savior, so to speak, and you start to think what kind of women would save a vampire knowingly, so the intrigue just got deeper. The over-all development of the characters is very good and there are holes in there, that … Read More
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Seduction and Secrets
Review by LynnB May 6, 2015
Sweet-natured and reserved Erika Walsh has no idea how her life is about to spin out of control. Erika thinks things are perfect in her life- she’s a successful writer, her father’s publishing company is a success, she has the perfect best friend, and the guy she has thought herself in love with for years finally seems interested in returning her affections. And then Erika meets Max… He is gorgeous, funny, captivating- and her father’s biggest competitor and sworn enemy of the man Erika … Read More
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Not Quite What I Expected
Review by mizging01 May 4, 2015
I actually wanted to give Wyoming Heather a 3 1/2. I reviewed Montana Man and loved the fast moving pace and the beautiful descriptions. Although the descriptions in Wyoming Heather are vivid, too and I loved Whip, I was a bit disappointed in the large chunks of "telling" rather than putting info into dialogue. I agree the beginning moved slowly, but unlike other reviewers, I had no problem with a heroine who ran a ranch solo. Back in the 1800s, many women were forced to stand on their … Read More
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Full of Surprises
Review by msloriv May 2, 2015
I loved reading about Harith and Nyssa. There story was full of surprises. Harith is so easy going, but duty bound. Nyssa is sassy and fierce. Harith is trying to come to terms with his duty, but his heart is lacking that "spark". Nyssa's constant fear of discovery and continued survival has her feeling restless. They're chance meeting and their instant "spark" are almost combustible. I highly recommend reading the Dragon Wife,the first book in the series, but it's … Read More
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Good read
Review by maria11 May 2, 2015
This was better than the first book. It didn't have a jump in the action and had more details about the dragons. As before a strong female character. I liked her and she stood her ground. The male character was strong too, but loving and protective. The story was short, but right to the point and kept a good pace without dragging it out or rushing. Enjoy!
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A winner!
Review by ashia Apr 30, 2015
Have you read and loved A Knight in Shining Armor by Jude Deveraux? Were you frustrated (just a bit) by the way the author ended the story with possibilities? Well, if you loved time travel romances and want a surefire HEA, be sure to pick up FOREVER MINE. Victoria Ashton was visiting an art gallery when a bomb explosion hurtled her back in time to 1897, where she was supposedly married to Nicholas Thornhill, Earl of Guildford. It turns out that the woman whose body her soul inhabits is a bitch, … Read More
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Good read
Review by maria11 Apr 29, 2015
It was a good read. Wen was a strong female lead, but she was a tad stubborn and got under your skin sometimes. Huroth was a good male lead and really loved Wen. I didn't like the huge jump from where she blacks out to when Horoth gets free from the collar. It wasn't explained and I felt something was missing. We didn't get her telling him she was pregnant too. It was like I got robbed of certain moments. Overall good read.
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A historical romance with a few twists
Review by elfthereadingaddict Apr 29, 2015
3.75 stars “A Suitable Replacement” by Megan Derr is an erotic m/m historical featuring Maximillian (Max) Honeysett who is trying to work out the obligations of a contract between his twin, Mavin, and her erstwhile fiancé, Kelcey Moore, whether Kelcey wants it or not. The trouble is, Max is attracted to the man himself but has always felt overshadowed by his older twin despite his relief that she has been saddled with the obligations of being the heir to their lofty position in society. … Read More
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Delicious kinky MMF menage
Review by lacrimsonfemme Apr 27, 2015
If this is a start to a new kinky series from talented Ms. Brookes, it is quite promising. For those who enjoy kinky MMf, this is a book not to be missed. Saint and Boyce are seductive dominants who enjoy bringing a submissive female into subspace. Their specialty is tag teaming the poor submissive in front of a paying viewership. This set up is realistic as it reminds me of which is one of the better and more impressive BDSM sites for voyeurs. What I really liked about this book … Read More
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Review by msloriv Apr 26, 2015
I enjoyed reading about Huroth and Orwenna's story. Orwenna was very empowering in a time when women were nothing. Huroth was a great leader, but understood Orwenna's passion and worth. It was a sweet story filled with hardship and passion. Trying to choose the best for the clan as a whole and still being true to oneself. I am going to read the second book Dragon Warrior. I highly recommend this book.