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Melt The Slopes
Review by Heartracer Feb 2, 2018
This story has the capacity to melt the ice from any mountain. Which is exactly where this book takes place, Emerald Mountain. Max is the Ski Patrol Director and is in charge of the avalanche (avy) and in his crew that he is drooling over Sophie Tremore. Sure, they had a past 2yrs ago for 8 weeks, but that was all in the past. Sophie is strictly "off limits" from upper management and Sophie is still fuming that he never called her back. She went on with her life and gained all the knowledge … Read More
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Interesting Take on a Well Known Fairy Tale
Review by ashia Feb 5, 2018
This reimagining of a well loved fairy tale is amazing! I love how the author breathed life into the cardboard characters in the fairy tale. Even the prince has some sidekicks that we didn't know about and Cinderella's fairy godmother is of a different sort. I enjoyed this revisit into my childhood, and I believe every kid should know this version of the tale as well. However, and it may be the adult romance junkie in me speaking, but I wish we could have seen more of Ella's interaction with the … Read More
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Excellent writing
Review by ashia Jan 30, 2018
I would have to say I have never read anything like this novel, so this was a refreshing change for me. In that, once I started the story, it totally absorbed me, such that I didn't notice the passage of time. My only regret is that it took so long for me to read this story, consumed as I was with personal stuff during the better part of last year. I enjoyed this book a lot, especially with the realizations that come with reading Mary's (or Lizzy) account of her childhood tragedies and terrors. … Read More
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Brilliant storytelling
Review by leslieo Jan 21, 2018
I’m quite sure that when I grow up, I want to be a cat burglar. Okay, so, while yes, m a y b e a reality check IS in order, Cailin Briste makes it downright interesting AND hot in IT TAKES A CAT BURGLAR. So, so many likes: The details are brilliant. Everything from Darcelle’s training, to her trainers, to Sebastian are so wonderfully laid out that you’ll feel as though you’re a fly on the wall watching everything happen. You’ll grin repeatedly as you delve into their inner thoughts. … Read More
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Wonderful read!
Review by ashia Jan 30, 2018
I love what Mike Klaassen has done to The Frog Prince, the fairy tale we all know and love. He has fleshed out the characters of the frog prince and the princess, made them more well-rounded with motivations we can believe in and get behind. The frog prince also exhibited growth in his character, a lesson learned over the course of his period as a frog–though I wish we could see just how he came about the revelations that prompted this growth. The story ended on a whimsical note, a perfect period … Read More
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Tales from a different perspective
Review by leslieo Jan 21, 2018
Have you ever given any thought to how different a story would be if told from a different point of view? Would Hansel and Gretel be different if we heard from the witch? Would the Frog Prince be any different if the story was from the point of view of the frog? How would our sympathies change? Would they? In Mike Klaassen’s CINDERELLA, we are introduced to the retelling of the classic Grimms’ fairy tale but instead of a fairy godmother, Ella is a witch. Overall likes are the point of … Read More
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A perfect college romance, with all the fuss, drama and love
Review by lillysbookworld Jan 26, 2018
A perfect college romance, with all the fuss, drama and love. I liked this book quite a lot, even if the title was a little misleading. I was expecting a high dose of craziness and misbehaving, but that was not the case. Regardless of my expectations, it is still a very enjoyable book. Clara is your normal geek, who wants to experience life outside books and grades once in a while. So she is off to college. She wants to find balance between hanging out with friends and still maintaining good … Read More
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Could not get into...
Review by sj9642 Jan 12, 2018
I tried several times to get into this story and could not. I did not finish this title as it did not hold or grab my attention within the first 25% of the story. I felt the story was almost too descriptive in it's world building and being too wordy really lost my attention.
Comment from the Author
Thanks so much for your feedback! So sorry this one wasn't for you. Have a great day! :) Kate
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Complex and amazing!
Review by lillysbookworld Jan 26, 2018
I loved it so much! For me, this book covers a lot of ground when it comes to Romance + something else. You like a little bit of scary? You’ve got ghosts and spirits. You like a little bit of detective work? You’ve got a bad ass PI trying to solve the mystery of the girl who has not been seen by her parents (oops, sorry!)You want romance? Well, you have one amazing medium falling for the PI, while trying to help out a lost soul. Oh, and maybe, just maybe, you want all these with a nice writing? … Read More
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Tortured characters with soul.
Review by jeepwonder Jan 23, 2018
The story started predictably enough. Only things went south in a hurry, the villain isn't supposed to be able to murder the star of the story. The story shifted and began again in the past where it suddenly became a period romance. Time travel romances aren't that unusual, and the usual oddities like modern terms came up as expected. But that wasn't what this story was about. We all face temptations, some more tempting than others. This story was about people who faced temptations and how they … Read More