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A definite improvement from the last three books
Review by mischievouskiri Oct 20, 2017
Oh, wow, NOW we're talking! Though the first three books were equally full of suspense and fast-paced action and romance, I feel like they paled in comparison to this one. In the new book of the Forest of Darkness series, we learn Vince's secret and watch him fight through numerous obstacles to finally get his own HEA. In case you didn't notice, Vince is the cute half-korean guy that works at the bookstore Kaia likes to visit. He's sort of her friend, too, but, as we found out earlier in the series … Read More
Comment from the Author
Thank you so much for your thorough review MischievousKiri! :) I'm so glad you liked it, and I definitely have Zach in mind for an upcoming story. ;) Kate
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Another awesome shifter romance
Review by lauriebeemer74 Oct 14, 2017
Oh my gosh this was so sexy. The day that Ellie met Jack nothing in her world made sense any more, she was not the person she thought she was. The forbidden attraction between them made Jack struggle to do the right thing, or was it really the right thing? Jack does not realize just how feisty and determined Ellie is to become who she wants to be, not what others expect her to be. Thank you Reading Alley and McKenna Dean for allowing me to read this and write a honest review.
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Light romantic read with some issues for me
Review by member_48467976 Apr 11, 2017
I did laugh out loud once but I wouldn't really call this book funny. It is, for the most part, a light, fluffy read. This is the type of book that could really turn me off, but the author managed to keep it from tipping over from favorable to dislikeable. The borderline elements for me: 1. Alexia f bombs way too much at the beginning, it then drops off, but starts again near the end. 2. Alexia and some of the other characters are quite crude (beyond f bombing). In an effort, perhaps, to show … Read More
Comment from the Author
Thanks for your feedback and review. Of course, you can't "c" before you "f". I have updated my files. I hope you peal back More Layers, (ha. ha.) and find out what happens to Jax and Lex. Best TL Alexander
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An Inn Decent Proposal ... Sharon Buchbinder
Review by Barj Sep 26, 2017
This was a fun story to read , there is a villain Tony Aiolfo , an old inn in need of a loving hand to restore it, suspense and love. It is Jim Rawlings and Genie King's story about second chances that they both need. I am finding this is an Author I am enjoying reading and I know I will be rereading this book. I received a free copy of this book and voluntarily chose to review it.
Comment from the Author
Thank you so much!! I'm so glad you enjoyed this story. Genie and Jim are two of my favorite characters--on and off screen. If you have time, I'd love it if you would post your review on Amazon. Thanks again! Sharon
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Quirky, and off beat!
Review by jeepwonder Oct 12, 2017
Romance stories can be wonderful, they can also be boring and formulaic. This story was laid out in a way that enhanced the character development and kept the pacing of the action from every having a lull. By being original the author was able to jump to the parts of the story that mattered, then filling in the details a little later. Some might not be able to pull it off, but TL Alexander did, and with charm. The main character of course was pretty and talented, smart beyond anyone's wild imaginings. … Read More
Comment from the Author
Thank you jeepwonder! Five proofreaders later… Still the dreaded typos. Have sent corrections to formatter. Unfortunately, I can't correct them, messes up files. Ha. Ha. Yes, it should have read "sit", not the other. Not even going to go there(-: Want a proofreading job(-: You Rock TL Alexander
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The Panther’s Lost Princess (Redclaw Security #1) by McKenna Dean
Review by merissa_archaeolibrarian Oct 12, 2017
The Panther's Lost Princess is the first book in the Redclaw Security series, and I can't wait to read more! We start off with Ellie, a waitress who wants to enter a singing competition. She is all alone, but has her job and her friends. Things start looking up when Mr Hot Stuff turns up at the diner where she works, and seems interested in her. Mr Hot Stuff, otherwise known as Jack, is having a dilemma though. Ellie is his fated mate, but he has a job to do, which involves handing her over to her … Read More
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Review by lauriebeemer74 Oct 8, 2017
I was hooked from the very first page. The way that Jo showed such strength and courage even after everything that she has been through was truly inspiring. She struggled through the past but she fought it, it did not define her it made her who she now is. When Jo and Will be they have a chemical attraction that is so obvious, but their past is still haunting them both. This book takes the reader on a journey through a very suspenseful path of hurt and destruction and at the end of the path will … Read More
Comment from the Author
Hi Laurie Thanks so much for the great review :) I'm so glad you enjoyed it!
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Checkmate, You Loose
Review by Heartracer Oct 6, 2017
The game of chess has always annoyed me. I never could grasp the different moving rules for each piece. This book is about seeing a game being played. The only difference is that the pieces are human. Plots, scheming, blackmail, and murder are the main events in this book. Terrance Thomas Caldwell III is the rich son of a senator. He believes that he will be protected and his "messes" will be cleaned up for him. This time, however, he finds himself looking down the barrel of a loaded … Read More
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Lost princess with an amazing twist
Review by ericad Oct 6, 2017
I couldn’t put this book down! I was hooked from the very start. It had amazing characters, a fantastic plot, and amazing pacing. Truthfully, I was nervous to start this story because I have read so many different lost princess stories. At first, I thought that Ellie, the main character, was going to be this annoying, bratty, blonde haired, blue eyed, skinny chick that I could not envision myself as. Thank god, I was wrong. Ellie is this amazing powerhouse of a woman. She is funny, fierce, … Read More
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Love Is Blind
Review by Heartracer Oct 4, 2017
Diamonds have always been blamed for becoming a criminal. Something about the way that they shine in the light can entice the eyes. Caitlin Abernathy lives her life in a routine. She works in her jewelry shop creating one of a kind pieces. She don't have time for dating nor does she have the urge. While heading to a potential client that would catapult her jewelry into bigger places, she is attacked and looses the jewelry. If that is not bad enough she gets word that a platonic friend has been … Read More
Comment from the Author
Thanks for the review, Heartracer. I have not had the comment about the words before, so I'm sorry you had some difficulty, but very glad you enjoyed the story!