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People and pathways
Review by n1ght0wl Dec 28, 2017
I did not read 'Oscar' before reading this and it read well enough alone. Read much like a biography (think interview with a vampire without vampires or paranormals). Readers follow Oscar, an older man, whom is dating a man ten years his junior. The two are out dining together when Oscar makes a confession and suggestion. His lover excuses himself. In the time frame his lover is gone (there was an estimation of about 20mins); Oscar reminisces on his own behavior and actions when he was about his … Read More
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Meeting the right person at the right time can change a person's course completely
Review by lacrimsonfemme Dec 27, 2017
For Oscar, he is sleeping this way through life with drugs, sex and alcohol. He embodies the negative stereotype of a gay man who is just in it for the sex - any hole will do. The thing is, Oscar can be so much more. This story starts out in the present with Oscar making a tentative offer to his lover to become an exclusive relationship living together. Or at least, not a long distance relationship with a booty call understanding. Oscar is a well traveled business man who is nervous about … Read More
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Turning a curse into an asset
Review by elfthereadingaddict Dec 23, 2017
“Wolf Around the Corner” by Aidee Ladnier is a paranormal m/m romance story that features a not-quite-successful New York actor who comes back to the small town of Waycroft Falls to help his sister start her new business. He has a spark with one of her employees and convinces the man to perform in a version of “Beauty and the Beast.” It turns out he really can morph into a beast. Perfect for the play, not so great for his assimilation into the close-knit small town. I enjoy the way this … Read More
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Life Beyond Broadway
Review by skadlec1 Dec 16, 2017 I’ve been reading paranormals for many years and thought there were no new twists on werewolves or vampires. I’m happy to say Aidee Ladnier proved me wrong. In Wolf Around the Corner, we meet Tom, a less-than-successful actor on Broadway, and Frank, who meets the definition of werewolf. They come together on a play, but what elevates the story is two things. … Read More
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Tom Davidson learns the hard way
Review by lacrimsonfemme Dec 3, 2017
Tom Davidson learns the hard way how being a big fish in a small pond does not translate to being a big fish in a large pond. Tom left podunk Waycroft Falls as quickly as he could so that he could make it big in New York. After a few years of not making it, even if his sister thought he did, he returns home at her request to help her out. Tail tucked between his legs, he keeps wanting to confess to his sister how much he failed. Lucky for Tom, the opportunity never comes. This story is unexpected … Read More
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Unique modern werewolf tale
Review by n1ght0wl Nov 30, 2017
Tom Davidson is an aspiring actor who lived in New York. He returns home when his sister's livelihood is threatened to help her raise funds by putting on a play. Frank Braden is Tom's neighbor. He's been alienated and turnout by his family because he was unfortunate to inherit the family genetic werewolf curse, known as Galen syndrome. He works in the bookstore that Tom's sister, Annie owns. When the plan to put on a play is decided; Frank is roped into writing the script and taking the leading … Read More
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Hot cops!
Review by lauriebeemer74 Sep 5, 2017
This is the first book I have read by Angela S. Stone, I thought that is was pretty good. I had some trouble getting really into parts of the story because it seemed like there was a lot going on. The relationship between Chris and Logan started out different than I thought it would but the author did good describing their relationship. I will look for more books by this author because I enjoy the paranormal psychic plots. Thank you Reading Alley and Angela S. Stone for allowing me to read this book … Read More
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A must read.
Review by n1ght0wl Aug 7, 2017
I found this story about Logan Weber and Chris Muller to be a relatively well-written story with a captivating plot and somewhat funny and entertaining characters. The beginning was interesting and grabbed my attention from the get go. The relationship between Logan and Chris and the initial mention of older man/ younger man confused me quite a bit but the writing style was so good, I kept on reading and it all came together about a quarter of the way through. I especially love the supernatural … Read More
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Duty, Honor, Sacrifice
Review by merissa_archaeolibrarian Aug 4, 2017
Duty, Honor, Sacrifice is the second book in the Toronto's Elite series, and whilst we focus on a different pair, the characters from book one also play a big part in it. It is for this reason that I would recommend that you read this as a series, rather than standalones. Chris and Logan have had an on-again/off-again relationship for approximately three years, and both of them want more, but neither of them are prepared to say anything. Mixed up with this is the job that they do, with Logan currently … Read More
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I am hooked!
Review by kay_harris May 29, 2017
Clinch is at its core a love story. But it also the story of how we handle friendship, betrayal, and the ultimate human condition - insecurity. Liam was the strong gay boy in high school. He was harassed, picked on, and beaten to a pulp on a regular basis, but he never wavered in being true to himself. Gunnar was strong, popular, and in the closet. The two shared something hot and special. Ten years later they meet again, as neighbors. Gunnar is a professional boxer and Liam is a stripper. … Read More