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Carefully crafted, but not a read to take lightly.
Review by jeepwonder Dec 30, 2017
The author had several problems writing this account. First, the plot was already set and details were already in place. So, there wasn't a lot of license in changing things to make the story flow better. And the reader has a challenge reading it, in that they know how it's going to end so it's hard to approach this like a new unread book. In fact, the story is well known and the author used several tactics to put a new, humanized slant that put the historical events in a different light, as if … Read More
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"Does he feel anything for me?"
Review by fani Apr 18, 2017
"Abbey's Tale" is a book about two people who have lost so many things in life and yet they were able to find happiness in each other. Abbey was a lonely girl who lost her parents and was born blind,her only way of seeing the world is through Jeremy's carvings. Jeremy as well has been living a lonely life, his scarred face not only shows all the hardships he faced in the war, but has also kept him isolated, living in a lighthouse to escape from the horrified eyes of those who happened to … Read More
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Thank you for your review. Your comments help.
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Sucker for a Love Story
Review by hapjak Apr 13, 2017
I loved reading this story, which I received through Reading Alley in exchange for the promise of an honest review. I finished reading it within a 24 hour period, and I slept and went to work during that time. I suppose, as an older man who has been single my whole life, I am a bit of a fan of true love, whether such a thing exists in reality or not. So the idea of love at first ... "acquaintance" is a strong hook, as are the notions that there is someone for everyone, and that circumstances … Read More
Comment from the Author
Thank you for your review and insightful comments. I really appreciate the time you took writing the review. The biggest surprise to me in writing it was Bailey. I put in the dog to sort of flesh out the book, but he ended up playing a much bigger part than I ever intended. He took on a whole life of his own. If you enjoyed this book, perhaps you would like Hiding as well. It's my other contemporary suspense novel on sale (the e-book) starting today at Daphnewin Again I am grateful for your review.
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A good story, which could have been a little better.
Review by rjsummers Apr 2, 2017
The cover, plot, and setting drew me in. I received this story from Reading Alley in exchange for an honest review. Blind since birth, Abbey Morrison is confident and proficient in her world, the only world she’s ever known. Despite the family and friendships she has in the small fishing village, and her father’s unfailing love, she is still lonely. Disfigured and scarred from war injuries, Irish immigrant Jeremy McKetcheon, finds work and solitude in self-isolation as a lighthouse keeper … Read More
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A Beautiful Romance
Review by verasbookreviewsandstuff Mar 21, 2017
STORY-LINE ABBEY'S TALE BY KATHERINE McDERMOTT: In Abbey's Tale, author Katherine McDermott created a clean sweet romance. Set in a small fishing village, the community's tight-knit. Jeremy McKetcheon, an Irish immigrant, is the light-keeper for the local lighthouse. Horribly disfigured on one side of his face during the civil war, Jeremy has what we know as PTSD. With nightly nightmares and flash backs of the battles, Jeremy hides on the island with his lighthouse duties and wood craving. Abigail … Read More
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Review by myamazingnewbks Mar 12, 2016
Instinctive bleaching of our spiritual being This is not just a novel but a message being delivered. Those who understands the Holy Scriptures well will surely grasp with the word the beggar and the one who hold his hand up This book is a blend of two worlds! The outer world and the inner world dealing with spiritual development and well being The author’s work here is in-depth Refurbishing and re-born of lost souls by reading this book I love the craftsmanship involved.