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I've been reading romance for over 20 years now. I love romance, science fiction and fantasy. I will post on my blog, Delish and Yummy Book Boyfriends.
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Great blend of romance and suspense
I've been berating myself for taking so long to read this! From the first page, the author drew me into her world with her vivid descriptions and kept me at the edge of my seat with suspense and action packed excitement. I love Kelsey and I feel for her for suffering from PTSD and panic attacks--I know (not first hand) how debilitating they can be and how helpless they make you feel. So here we have a relatable heroine, a yummy hero, and great storyline with unexpected twists and turns. There were Read More
Gripping and compelling
TAKEN is an emotional roller coaster ride. It is gripping and compelling as you wonder what exactly happened to Serena and Sofia. And to be in Jessee's shoes...it is a terrible thing to happen to a husband/father. The entire story is told from Jessee's point of view, which I feel is a unique and refreshing take by the author. My only complaint was the mistake made with regard to Laura toward the end. I felt that was superfluous and could be taken out. Otherwise, this is a wonderful read.
Incredibly compelling!
TL Alexander wove an intriguing BDSM-themed mystery that I've been wanting to read about for a long time now! I love the character of Cassandra Marcella. She's bossy, brassy and can take on any man, even dominant Cole Ryder. While the mystery is solved, their romance has taken a backseat. If I have a complaint, it's that this story is too short. I would've loved it if the suspense were longer, especially when they went investigating into the private, invite only club. But perhaps we'll see more Read More
Fantastic story, unforgettable characters
Even better than the first book! Non-stop suspense and excitement as Dante fights to keep his woman Hannah safe while battling the evil minion Brandon. Dante is marvelous; he's sweet and tender with Hannah and a fierce warrior during fights. Hannah is a bit weak, especially when it comes to her brother. But when he blackmails her emotionally, yeah, I get why she'd have that reaction. And I'm so annoyed with her for not telling her brother to grow up at the same time that I'm annoyed with Scott for Read More
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I've read several books, mostly erotic romance, where women and men were divided into separate camps for one reason or another. The Goddess's Curse is one such book, and it's one of the best I've read! It's a fantastic story, complete with believable motivations, highly charged tension and suspense, and flawed yet relatable characters that you can't help but root for! And hot hot sex! My only gripe, a small one, is the way important secondary characters also found their heartmates by the end of the Read More
Freaking awesome!
Freaking awesome! Completely unexpected in a good way, a most refreshing take on vampires. Here, vampires are not seen through the romantic lens but are the monsters that they are. Even knowing this, the story is so compelling that I can't help but sit glued to my Kindle. I think what kept me intrigued was the way I had no clue whatsoever what was going to happen. I guess it's safe to say that this is not a romance, though there are romantic elements. It's like one of those stories you read in Read More
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Awesome action adventure!
Awesome action adventure! Fantastic story with a good pace that has equal mix of excitement and downtime. The main characters, Peter and Allison, were well-rounded, and their romance is hot and heated. My only wish is that we could see more of Jerahmeel. He's the ultimate bad guy, sure, but even villains can be three-dimensional! I look forward to the next one.
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Must read!
Reading this book is like stepping into the pages of a fairy tale! The author imbued the story with a magical feel from the first chapter, with the troll under the bridge asking for a toll, not in coins but in information! How quaint and delightful! And in case you're curious, there are drawings, too, that show you how the troll and Aubranael, among others, look like! Despite the drawings, this is very much a book for adults. Sophy and Aubranael's romance is a delight to read! Though I wish we Read More
Beautifully written!
Beautifully written! Sam's and Cody's love is a shining beacon against the homophobic stance in their town. Who can dictate whom the heart will love? It's a tragedy that some people are so busybodies they want to have a say in something that is patently none of their business. If only more people could be like Mrs. Greene, then the world would be a wonderful place. Mrs. Greene (Cody's mom) did not appear in the story, but her actions create a ripple in town. She affected Sam's entire life. It's Read More
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Great installment!
Ella is as kick-ass as ever, but this time, the prince is, too! He surely benefited from Ella's knowledge and training! They continue to dance around each other, with minute steps to getting closer. How awesome is it that the prince has to follow tradition and be celibate! I love how the author turned the tables on its heels on that one. Because this is the middle book, there's some progression to the overall story, but not much, except that we are getting closer to the end times of the prophecy! Read More
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