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beautifully written; totally unforgettable
The Pas De Deux is a beautifully written story; totally unforgettable. I wish it hadn't taken me so long to read this book. I could've enjoyed it sooner! At first I was bothered by age difference between Peri and Mark, but it soon ceased to matter. I didn't even notice or remember it after awhile; I was totally caught up in the story. I have to commend Ms Bomboy on her characters--they were drawn skillfully and with compassion and larger than life. They're realistic and believable and it is easy Read More
wonderful story
I've not read a lot of books about ski patrollers and the dangers they face in clearing the mountains to make them ready again for the skiers, and so I read this book with interest. It's a fairly short book, which I find is a good length for Max's and Sophie's story, as they have history. Sophie is a strong, vibrant woman who fought for her right to be treated fairly in her job despite her gender. She didn't understand though where Max was coming from, as he'd suffered badly in the past, and he Read More
Interesting Take on a Well Known Fairy Tale
This reimagining of a well loved fairy tale is amazing! I love how the author breathed life into the cardboard characters in the fairy tale. Even the prince has some sidekicks that we didn't know about and Cinderella's fairy godmother is of a different sort. I enjoyed this revisit into my childhood, and I believe every kid should know this version of the tale as well. However, and it may be the adult romance junkie in me speaking, but I wish we could have seen more of Ella's interaction with the Read More
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Excellent writing
I would have to say I have never read anything like this novel, so this was a refreshing change for me. In that, once I started the story, it totally absorbed me, such that I didn't notice the passage of time. My only regret is that it took so long for me to read this story, consumed as I was with personal stuff during the better part of last year. I enjoyed this book a lot, especially with the realizations that come with reading Mary's (or Lizzy) account of her childhood tragedies and terrors. Read More
Wonderful read!
I love what Mike Klaassen has done to The Frog Prince, the fairy tale we all know and love. He has fleshed out the characters of the frog prince and the princess, made them more well-rounded with motivations we can believe in and get behind. The frog prince also exhibited growth in his character, a lesson learned over the course of his period as a frog–though I wish we could see just how he came about the revelations that prompted this growth. The story ended on a whimsical note, a perfect period Read More
Compelling and page-turning
I was intrigued by the summary--I mean, a librarian caught up in spy games--and I took a chance, and boy, was I glad I did! The Librarian and the Spy exceeded my expectations, being a compelling read with original, unforgettable characters. Susan Mann seamlessly weaved popular culture (Harry Potter, LOTR, etc... the only thing lacking was Game of Thrones) into Quinn's and James's conversation, and their banter and quips were quick and lively and engaging. Quinn is an amazing heroine--refreshing Read More
This is an amazing story of second chance, as well as giving us a chance to see how much our military heroes went through in order that we may keep our freedom. I really feel for Sophie and Jonathan, how they were kept apart for so many years, yet, I'm sure it's all worth it in the end, because at least, she got Jonathan back. I really loved that first scene Jonathan had with his son--it was done quite well, and so moving. I mean, he just knew what to say to his son, to reassure him that he was loved Read More
SEEKING MR. WRONG features humanly flawed, realistic characters that make this book un-put-downable! Lettie grows over the course of the book from a woman confused about what she wants into someone who knows what she wants and fights for it--be it the man she loves or her writing or her place in her family. Eric is also a pleasant departure from the usual alpha male heroes in that he has his moments of uncertainties and saying the wrong things or making the wrong decisions, and this I thought Read More
Compelling and page-turning
High Hopes was an unexpected pleasant surprise. Though it was different from the usual romance books I've been reading, the author swept me into the story and kept me eager to find out what's going to happen next. I think it's the way she dangles bits and pieces in front of us, revealing Grace's and her friends' secrets bit by bit like peeling away the layers of an onion. I thought the characters--Grace, Dixie and Sam--are all flawed and relatable, and the way the author wrote the story from their Read More
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Sweet and charming
I had some doubts at first about the pairing of a witch and a werewolf, but author Tena Stetler makes it work! I had a lot fun reading this unique paranormal story and seeing how they solve the problems that cropped up. This was a sweet and charming romance. I hadn't read the first book in the series (A Witch's Journey), but I was able to enjoy this book as well. That said, I'm now eager to get my hands on the first book!
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