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Great Grandmother of three, soon to be four. who likes reading, piecework quilting, crochet, and walking for exercise...in fair weather. Also collect cat pins, and other assorted kinds of cats...stuffed, statuettes, etc. Just getting into the Adult Coloring Books and have been reviewing them on Amazon. Some of my very Favorite reading: Anita Baker series by Laurell K Hamilton, Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich, The Breeds by Lora Leigh, Eve Dallas series by J D Robb, the Carpathian Vampire series by Christeen Feehan, The Black Dagger Brotherhood by J R Ward, Midnight Breed series by Lara Adrian, The Cynsters by Stephanie Laurens, The Company of Rogues by Jo Beverley, Dark-Hunters by Sherrilyn Kenyon, All of Sandra Hill's Vikings and her fun historical romances, and Just about anything by Katie MacAlister and Jennifer Ashley. I have read too many books to even begin to list here and my future reading list never gets smaller as I seem to discover new authors or genres that sound interesting, like Steampunk. Though I have to say I'm not interested in the "sweet" romances...I do like a bit more in my romances than heated looks across a crowded ballroom. Note: Don't see nonfiction genre that would include my crafts or other interests.
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Betrayals, Lies and Family...
Vince LaRue is a shiftless shifter, a hybrid were-jaguar who has avoided other supernaturals for his whole life. His mother, Charlotte, is an Asian & African-American were-jaguar, who raised her son to be leery of supes, especially shifters. Vince has had health problems since puberty, but they are getting worse. Working in the same bookstore where Anthony met Kaia, his boss has been understanding about his health problems. Anthony recognizes that Vince is a shifter and gives him a card Read More
Vamps, Weres...Love Is In The Air...
Tessa Blackburn was born and raised in a small town, but moved away after she graduated from college. She wanted to be her own person, to learn what she liked and didn't; what future she wanted. Tessa ended up in Cutter's Corner three years ago, another small town where everyone knew everyone else. She liked the closeness without the expectations she felt her parents had for her. Tessa works at the local bank as a loan officer. Jaleen Hix is Tessa's best friend and works in the same bank as Read More
In the Beginning...
In a world that doesn't know about the supernatural beings that live among them, the paranormals must keep themselves hidden, under the human radar. Some species, such as trolls, fairies and pixies, are on the brink of extinction because they must live quietly, even isolating themselves from others of their kind in order to not be discovered. Felecia Eloytrisk Cambri, or Trisk as she prefers to be called, graduated from college with a Masters in Genetics, even though dark elves like herself are Read More
When is a Ghost not a Ghost...
Billings, Montana, 1905: Lucius Stewart has worked himself up from the very bottom in how to run a hotel. He has just come from the bank, using the last of his cash to pay off the mortgage on Hotel Labelle...it's finally his and he can ask his lady to marry him. He's having a celebratory drink in his office when the mother of his girlfriend comes in and throws a curse at him. He disappears, literally. The hotel believe to be abandoned, now gets sold several times over the decades. Hotel Read More
Travelers, Psychics and Murder...
Mackenzie "Mac" Clair hitched her way to the small town of Donn's Hill. She sold and/or donated everything but what she carried in her backpack after breaking up with her cheating boyfriend. Her mother, Evelyn, who is now deceased, brought her to Donn's Hill for the annual Afterlife Festival when she was a child and she's returned, hoping to find the friendliness she remembered. She gets adopted by a stray tortie cat who follows her everywhere. Yes, cats do choose us more than we choose Read More
Changes, Growth and Loss...
Where to begin...Have to recommend this series be read in order so readers can understand the characters and backstory references. Sarelle and Danial, the werefoxes, Devlin, Terian and Theo return, but Theo goes missing. Tawny has the baby, but surprises in store here. Sar gets pregnant, but who's the father? An assassination attempt on Sar, but by who? A mysterious French vampire is added to the mis. So many questions, but will we like the answers? Stay tuned. I was so happy for Sar Read More
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Complications and True Love...
Sarelle, Danial and Devlin, Theo and Terian are all back and Book 2, Broken Promise, does not disappoint. Do recommend, however, to read Book 1, Promise Me, or you won't understand some of the backstory references. Sar learns Danial has lied to her...again and decides she needs space to think and reevaluate her life and their relationship. She returns to her little farm, with the dogs and cats in tow. As she works on her feelings for Danial and all the secrets he has kept, she finds herself Read More
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Lies, Half-Truths & Fast Talking...
Danial Rachlan, vampire ruler of New York, is in trouble. A poisoned dart hit him and he's about ready to fall. Pulls in deserted country driveway and passes out, not knowing who shot him. Sarelle McGarren lost her much loved husband a year ago and has been going through the motions of life ever since. She has a small farm to take care of and, of course her dogs and cats. She also works part time at a metal fabricating shop. Her life, the routine, keeps her going. I really liked Sar. Devlin Read More
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Clove Hitch Killer...and Charlie
Kyle Wade, whose mother was murdered years ago, is now a police detective, partnered with his best friend Rob, in a police department outside Detroit. He vowed to catch his mother's killer and is now the closest he's ever been. He's using Nicole to get the sicko who is still torturing and murdering young women. After saving Nicole he ends up renting the cottage behind her house so he can keep an eye on her. Nicole Chambers owns a pottery shop, lives alone in an isolated area outside of town. Read More
Action, Romance, Surprises...
Viviane Taylor, A Wilshire Police Department Homicide Detective, was adopted when a baby, then orphaned again a few years later when her adopted parents died. She grew up in the juvenile system, a loner, a very private person...filled with questions about her parents and where she came from. Sometimes filled with a soul deep loneliness she locks away most of the time. Detective Mike Jameson, her married partner and the closest thing to a friend she has. Julian Dematteo, 668-year-old Immortal Read More
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