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I am part of the book club, Good Books With Tea. My favorite genres are horror, erotica, suspense, and thriller!
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More Suspense! More From This Author!
This is what I like to call a "Grass is greener" romance. Evie believes her husband has given up on them. He doesn't love her so their marriage is over. It's a really sad thing to think, so I completely understand where she's coming from when she runs off to soothe her broken heart. It's in Cornwall where she sparks a new romance with an exotic, sexy, and talented rock singer, Jake. BUT, little does she know her husband hasn't given up on their marriage just yet! He loves her, truly loves Read More
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Great Holiday Romance!
This is a very sweet romance story about a girl who fixes the lives of everyone but herself. She's very set in her ways, so you can tell she's been doing this for a while. She's so caught up in everyone else's lives that she can't focus on her own!! Sadly, I have been there so I know what that's like. It made it very easy to relate to her character and kept me invested in the outcome. Ayden, the man Grace meets when trying to find her sister, took me a little longer to warm up to. He's got his guard Read More
Satan Strikes!
From the cover (Yea, I like covers. Sue me. It's not going away any time soon.) you can tell this is going to be a dark, kind of creepy story, right? I mean, come on, it's the stuff on nightmares right there! As a lover of everything horror, I found this piece of work exotic! It's listed as Paranormal Fantasy, but don't be fooled! There is a LOT of horror/thriller in there, too! The set up for this story is very unique. The underworld is controlling these devastating blows to the humanity above Read More
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Capturing Suspenseful Mystery!
It's safe to say everyone knows I have an obsession with books covers. They're important because they set the mood for the novel and this cover is a perfect example of that! Immediately, I was drawn to this book. I didn't have to read the description to know this was going to be a suspenseful mystery because the cover already told me so. Excellent choice, Ms. George! The style and image create an exciting gateway to the suspenseful like SERIOUSLY SUSPENSEFUL journey Bess George has written for us! Read More
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Dark Historical Romance!
4.5 stars! This is a longer story that requires a little extra time and attention to fully appreciate. I'd say it's almost a dark historical romance about slavery, racism, multiracial relationships, commitment, and manipulation. The feel of this novel, including the romance, isn't quite as light as I'm used to. In fact, it's very heavy because it's very real. There was a lot of drama in this novel caused by things, I think most people can agree, would be considered ridiculous in this day and age. Read More
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AWESOME Erotic Fantasy!
Catch me is a sexy "after math" Snow White story. It starts just after the evil queen is dispatched. With her out of the way, it's time for new order in a mystical world of Ms. Donnelly's own creation! Before I get to the sex, which might I add was professionally done, I'd like to take a moment to appreciate just how UNBELIEVABLY well the setting in this story was described! This author's use of description is fantastic! I love when I can so perfectly visualize where the characters are Read More
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Like A Butterfly Breaking It's Cocoon
Before She Became A Lady is a suspenseful mystery romance. I absolutely loved laurel, the main character! At the start of the story, she is the poster child for innocence, followed by light rebellion. She's just a girl when she falls in love and chooses to marry, but throughout the coarse of the book you get to see her evolve into a real woman. I thought reading this text was much like watching a butterfly break from it's cocoon - artful, pleasant, and suspenseful. When her husband has to up and Read More
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Exciting Paranormal Romance!!
This paranormal romance blew my mind! The setting was perfectly described, and the work Tallulah does at the hotel tells you the author knows what she's talking about. Same with the paranormal side of things. It's a very solid, well thought out and researched story! I really appreciate when authors take the time to sit down and look into the complex themes they decide to write about. Anyway, Tallulah comes to Hotel Labelle for an inspection to decide the fate of this old hotel. What she finds is Read More
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Excellent Western Romance!
One thing is for sure, Ellie Wilder is a girl who knows how to persevere! When she gets set on something, she makes it happen! It's an admirable trait for the character and a valuable lesson to teach readers-- even if it does get her into trouble! Ellie is a young lass with big, bold dreams of becoming a hot shot journalist. When serial killings and a man who looks an awful lot like Jake The Snake pop up, she sees this as one heck of an opportunity! Meanwhile, Mr. Harper aka Jacob has got himself Read More
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Unique Western Romance
Although it's true I haven't read many Western romance novels in my time, I certainly haven't read one like this. The author has created a unique, spiritual tale of romance and adventure. It's a well paced story that captures you by the setting and strong hearted characters. Tess, a family oriented beauty, hires a bounty hunter to help find her father. She fears where this journey may take her for reasons you'll have to learn by reading this story yourself. Ha. However, I will say this is a charming, Read More
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