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A major geek and bookworm, with a soft spot for baked goodies and showtunes! And coffee, don't forget the coffee! I'm an avid reader, a writer-wannabe, a pervert who's all talk and no walk, and a singer whenever my bathroom's door keeps me safe from the rest of the world. In my free time I teach basic English to little kids, who happen to be the cutest sweethearts in my life yet!
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A definite improvement from the last three books
Oh, wow, NOW we're talking! Though the first three books were equally full of suspense and fast-paced action and romance, I feel like they paled in comparison to this one. In the new book of the Forest of Darkness series, we learn Vince's secret and watch him fight through numerous obstacles to finally get his own HEA. In case you didn't notice, Vince is the cute half-korean guy that works at the bookstore Kaia likes to visit. He's sort of her friend, too, but, as we found out earlier in the series Read More
A nice start for a promising series
Oh, I do love me some boxed sets, I really do! Though it makes reading them - especially in time - quite hard, it's still worth it, especially when they prove to be amazing stories. In the first three books of the Forest of Darkness series, we see two Vampire Masters, and the Alpha wolf of Atlanta, as they struggle through not only the everyday danger that comes with being a powerful supernatural, but also their attempts at romance in their lives. Anthony, the Vampire Master of Atlanta, is Read More
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I seriously love this series!
“In four centuries roaming this earth, I have never loved a woman the way I love you, Jane.” – Barnaby Blackstone Good Lord, what was this prequel?!?! And here I was, always hesitant about the stories before everything in a series "really" began! Well, OK, except in this case, because Barnaby was a secondary character who played a major role in the four other Indebted getting free - I needed to know his story! And I sure as hell wasn't disappointed! I finally got to see how Read More
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An absolute must-read!
“There’s nothing I want more in this world than you in my life. Every day. I love you more than my own life!” – Odilon Pierre-Noir The final book of the trilogy, and boy, what a finale! I'm still shocked at how good it was and how awesomely Mrs. David tied the whole thing up! So, remember Nurse Ratched from Dante's book? Well, her name is Ruth Blackstone, and, you guessed it right, she's also an Indebted. Ruth is a little special apart from being a female cursed feeder for The Evil Read More
It keeps getting better!
“I don’t want anyone else. I’ll never want anyone else. It’s only been you from the moment we met.” – Hannah Miller When an author you've just discovered does an amazing job from the first book you've read from them, it only stands to reason that you expect them to keep up the good work. It's only a straight path up ahead or... well... a downhill spiral. In other words, the next book will be equally good, or worse. But here Dante comes, ready to kick that kind of expectation outta Read More
Scorching and a definite re-read
“I want you in my life for as long as we live.” – Allison La Croix No matter how many stars I give this book, or how much I intend to praise it, I don't think I'm gonna do justice to the awesomeness that I was introduced to. Like, hell, how can you go on - even to the next book - after opening this particular treasure chest?!?! Peter Blackstone is an Indebted - a warrior that should have died long ago, but made a deal with the devil to ensure they kept going. Now he has to keep feeding Read More
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