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Then there were 7 ...
So, this is again one of those books that doesn’t give away a lot about the book, even in the simple title and, if fact, it took me quite some time to figure out where the number 8 came from, as it was only mentioned twice in the whole book (that I could find).. I decided to start with a quick few pages while waiting for a meeting and then was 20 mins late because I forgot to look up.. I drifted through the meeting wondering what could happen to the young girl in the book on her journey and just Read More
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Hold on Genesis, you want to do what?
Interesting Idea for a storyline and one that many wishes would happen to them, mostly young boys of a certain age anyway. This is one of those narratives that you begin in all innocence hoping for an adventure to wile the time away. But somewhere along the way., you begin to understand that your little escape from reality could become more that you expected. Shortly into the book you start finding little snippets of excessive detail, which slowly forms into a steady flow of very descriptive romantic, Read More
Blue is the colour of her eyes!
Once again I’m sat here thinking I should be getting on with things, like go to bed? But I will just hold off until I finish the next chapter, or the end of the book, whichever comes last. Our hero is at it again as there seems to be yet another threat on the inhabitants of earth, back with his friends, both old and new, he has a whole new set of hurdles to overcome before all hell breaks loose. It all starts with something found and stored away, stolen by an arch enemy and perverted into something Read More
It’s a Full Moon Tonight!
So nice to have our tall, dark and handsome character back in the saddle again (So to speak), Our hero, bored with a bit of teaching, sneaks off, with a friend or two, to help save the world and even though there appears to be more danger on the horizon than either him or we suspected, his girlfriend/partner can’t see that our super hero is anything but a cad who wants to rush out and do exciting things, while leaving the mundane stuff at home. The several adventures to follow through this fast-paced Read More
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Oil? what Oil!
With many of the story lines ending up now days with girls as the heroine, who is happy to fight everything and have a hot night and then rush out to save the world, Its actually nice to find a story with a male hero who it that traditional tall dark and handsome chap who rubs shoulders with world leaders, has a small spread in Montana (with a few head of horses, always turns the eyes of the ladies with his soft drawl and rustic looks, the of course, is called upon to please come and fight the evil Read More
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A new man for a new era.
Interesting all around, The story starts with a bang and continues at an exciting pace throughout the book. The storyline is plausible and the synth is what every man hopes to be or achieve and he takes control and saves the day (as he should). My only, not complaint, but just a lower mark, has to be the amount of technical and scientific information on every page and for every change of events. I don't mind science bits here and there but I just felt that too much time was spent trying to re-invent Read More
A girl with atitude!
With all the directions that 'Science fiction' seems to want to go recently, Its nice when the main storyline involves people actually being on space ships and going around in space, (My idea of what proper Si Fi should be, sorry).. The girl has real attitude and really strong will power to not let all the problems (and there are a few) in her life get her down, when the rest of us mere mortals would be bowing down to the pressures she faces both in her head and from the rest humanity. The storyline Read More
A horse with a different name is still a horse.
There's nothing like riding along on your animal, with the sun on your back and the air as clear as a mountain stream, but.... sometimes things arn't as they seem and people just aren't who they should be. But as they say, Sometimes a mans gotta do what a... well anyway, the young girl we are talking about can protect herself very well and understands how she must cope and adapt to get along in her wide west country. That is until an unusual man walks into her life and now, things will have to change. Read More
A time of Love and a Time for War!
A relaxed, steady paced story of love between a lady and her prince, through years of peace and two hundred years of war, fighting side by side, loving and living but destined to live apart as captain and royalty, not as lovers entwined. The storyline in this book jumps around from century to century yet keeps us advised through the actions of the yearly royal ball where the prince dances with the ladies of court, searching for his wife. I did find the book a little harder to read and had to pay Read More
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Think of the camping Holidays!
Well the second book is here, Yeaaa, So lets jump in (as they say)! Our two lovers across time have picked up a few more followers and have finally decided to get married, while still trying to understand what each other are actually saying .... So a nice warm wedding then, Simple, just choose Hawaii like everyone else, haha , Nope sorry its now in a distant past in a foreign country with a long lost friend and teacher and a few students and villains thrown in to stir up the pot. So no cheats here, Read More
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