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Hi there, I'm Lilly, I love books - reading and talking about them. I've been doing it on my blog since January 2016. I mostly review Romance and YA but I do review a much wider variety of audiobooks.
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Complex and amazing!
I loved it so much! For me, this book covers a lot of ground when it comes to Romance + something else. You like a little bit of scary? You’ve got ghosts and spirits. You like a little bit of detective work? You’ve got a bad ass PI trying to solve the mystery of the girl who has not been seen by her parents (oops, sorry!)You want romance? Well, you have one amazing medium falling for the PI, while trying to help out a lost soul. Oh, and maybe, just maybe, you want all these with a nice writing? Read More
A perfect college romance, with all the fuss, drama and love
A perfect college romance, with all the fuss, drama and love. I liked this book quite a lot, even if the title was a little misleading. I was expecting a high dose of craziness and misbehaving, but that was not the case. Regardless of my expectations, it is still a very enjoyable book. Clara is your normal geek, who wants to experience life outside books and grades once in a while. So she is off to college. She wants to find balance between hanging out with friends and still maintaining good Read More
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Main character: The Author
I couldn’t have read this book at a better time! Why? The action is settled close to Christmas and it’s a thriller with a dose of romance perfect for cold evenings when you’re not in the mood to go out. I am so sorry I could not give it more than 4.5 stars! I seriously wanted to, but I had two main reasons which compelled me not to do it (but I will cheat in the end!). First off, what I mostly enjoyed was having in the center of attention the writer. Yes, the main characters are working Read More
Complex character and complex plot
Yes! They just get better and better. “Shifting Darkness” is book 4 in “A Forest of Darkness” series and in my opinion this is the best out of all. It introduces a more complicated main character, dealing with too many issues and as well several other small plots. Even if this book can be easily read as a standalone, we have several items form the forts three books and it’s quite refreshing to meet them again. In this case, the author has complicated things and taken them even farther. Read More
They just get better and better
I have mentioned several times before, I am in love with vampire books. I like werewolves, I don’t like as much other type of shifters, but I love vampires. So you can imagine my excitement over this series, especially because it covers a community of extraordinary beings, each trying to put order in their lives. Since I have to review the first three books in the series, I will quickly go through the plot and dive directly into the likes and (minor) dislikes. Mastering Darkness The Read More
A complex world, an intense plot
Full disclosure: before writing my review, I had a look out there to see what others say about it and boy, there are so many mixed feelings. I stand my ground with my rating, as “Enchanters” is a complex novel, touching a lot of themes or aspects. We have a world who’s magic is dying and a main character who just wants it back. Andrea has taken upon herself to save Damea and on her trip, she find allies and even romance. The author has done a great job creating the world and as well introducing Read More
It blew my mind
This book was something else. Both characters still have a lot to learn about each other, or have to rediscover a lot about each other. It unnerved me at times, but it also helped me understand the actions or the decision they took. I really had no clue how it would end. So I went on with every page and kept on reading. And I liked what I read. Finally tired of being lied to, or finally tired of ignoring the ever present signs, Evie takes some time away from her marriage. Hoping to figure out Read More
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Funny, witty, lovely...ok, just Amazing!
After some time away from books, this was just what I needed to get back on track. I quick read, full of emotions, with some smart and funny characters. Set up in a time of arranged marriages, gossip that weighted a lot and women with a reputation to defend, “Mine, Forever and Always” is a story than blends very well! Lily Scott has been waiting since her fifteenth birthday for Henry Dalton to honor their vows that she will be his, vows said in a pretend marriage ceremony. This was a moment Read More
True love has a way of Always coming back
I must say I’ve read this book in one day – so that must say something. I did enjoy it very much, especially towards the end. This emotional story about knowing love, loss and healing is breathtaking. Though I have to admit there were some parts that were not to my taste, I hereby offer my 4 stars. The romance developed between our main character – whose POV we’re offered – and Austin. She feels this instant attraction and need to have him close. They develop something that many of Read More
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