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IT professional by day, book lover at night. I like a good read as a way to de-stress and end the day. I've been reading novels all my life, though am new to writing reviews. Will be doing my best to share my thoughts here.
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Great Story and Superb Writing
Unexpected Rewards has all the elements of an endearing story amidst a historical backdrop. Combine this with great writing from the author and you have a book that's unputdownable! I truly enjoyed reading every part of the story. The female lead, Olivia, is someone that I find myself rooting for throughout the story. She is quite a loveable lead -- a girl with a pure heart, having noble intentions, but is a newcomer in kingdom and kingdom politics. Faced with different odds that seem to come Read More
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Too Short for Such a Sweet Story
I always have a soft heart for sweet romance stories, and this one got me hooked from the very beginning. Great job by the author. It is a short story, but the chemistry between the two main characters - Sarah and Mike - was evident throughout the story. I just wished the author could have kept the story going and showed us how different their relationship truly is now compared to 7 years past -- i.e. interaction with Mike's parents. One part I didn't fully understand is on the painting Sarah Read More
A Suspenseful Entertaining Read
This is a different genre from Miss Moonbridge's previous work, All That The Heart Desires. It involves more suspense and action but less romance. To this, I see the potential of the author to write more of this type of books. The excitement is certainly there, and the suspense builds up quite well. The story revolves around Veronica Blake, narrated from a first person perspective. A vacation to Egypt took an unexpected turn when she finds herself kidnapped by people completely unknown to her. Read More
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Perfect Introduction for Kids to American History
This is a nice short story perfect for kids to know about Thomas Jefferson. The characters are all historically based on facts, but is told in a way that kids will enjoy it. I would probably say perhaps kids from 4 - 6 years old. Hats off to the author for coming up with this wonderful idea, and I fully encourage the author to come up with more of such stories.
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Science Fiction At Its Best
Second Take is an impressive take on the expansion of our world beyond the outer fringes of the universe. The story deals primarily in space engineering, which happens at a very technological advanced time when mankind now has a realistic reach on planets beyond Earth and the focus of corporations are now on developing new untapped frontiers in space. The development in the early years had been on a section of the universe known as the inner spiral. With that section now at its maturity, together Read More
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Nice Romance with an Amazing Backdrop
This is a warm and entertaining contemporary romance set in a worldwide backdrop that follows the Formula 1 tour schedule. Desiree Hart works as a supervisor at a perfume store in a luxury hotel. Unknown to everyone, she has a few secrets. The perfume store is actually hers, and more importantly, she still yearns to be reunited with her son, a boy forcibly taken from her back when he was still a baby. As fate would have it, she almost literally bumps into Lorcan Shore, only the hottest guy in Read More
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An Absolute 5 Stars!! A Definite Keeper!!
While I really like YA themed titles, I am usually a bit hesitant when vampire themes are involved. Perhaps it's because the last YA vampire book I read -- Twilight -- raised such a high bar for me. With that cleared, let me say that this book is definitely a keeper! I absolutely love it. 5 reasons to give it 5 stars: #1: Superbly written. The first thing that really impressed me on this book is how well written it is. The author catches your attention on the story from the very first page and Read More
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An awesome sci-fi read
This is definitely a treat for all sci-fi fans! It has a very big story-line, spanning from the time when the lead character Rafian was just a young teenager with very raw talent until his eventual ascent to lead a new group of super-elite fighters called Phasers. I was initially taken by surprise at the fast pace of the story but it turned out rather well -- every segment has an interesting story that will keep readers entertained. And to think this is just Book One in the series. Rafian, Read More
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High Octane Entertainment!
This is a highly entertaining read that rocks! I absolutely love Elle -- she has an absolutely tough badass role but outside of this tough demeanor, she actually has a very nice persona, a typical person who still yearns for the loving presence of a guy. Love is universal even in the paranormal world after all. Patrick is just the opposite. He starts off as a good guy, someone who would rather lead the normal life than go chase the bad guys day-in day-out. But when love beacons, he is willing Read More
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A nice, entertaining read
Family illusions is a thrilling read with a nice plot and gripping moments towards the end to keep readers well entertained. The story revolves around Charlie Gomez, a simple girl trying to make ends meet living in one of the slum areas in Los Angeles. Little did she know that she is actually the granddaughter of a prominent business figure in Miami, albeit one involved in shady and illegal trade. This mob-like atmosphere was the main reason her mother went into hiding years ago, away and in Read More
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