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I am the mother of 5 children and am happily married for 17 years. I'm a self proclaimed book junkie and can't get enough!! I read on my Nook and phone but nothing can take the place of the feel of a hard cover book in your hands. My favorite genres are new age, contemporary romance, humorous romance and erotica.
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4 Star!!
Lettie has had a tough summer, her fiancé called off their wedding 2 days before it was supposed to happen because he realized he was gay and she found out the publisher of her children's book series was sold and she now needs to write erotica to fulfill her contract. So coming back to school and finding out you lied to your new boss who happened to give your niece and nephew penis lollipops was not something she was prepared for. Lettie had a crush on Eric but she doesn't think he feels anything Read More
4 Stars!!
Evie has had a rough year and finding out that Joe lost his job 3 weeks ago was the last straw. She quickly leaves home to go to her grandmothers cottage to do some soul searching. Joe left his job before he was fired and nothing had panned out yet. He has cheated and lied for most of their marriage and now that Evie has left he realized that she is what he wants and hopes it's not to late. At the cottage Evie meets Jake. Jake is hot, young and very persistent, after spend time with him Evie Read More
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Can't wait for more!
Mr Penn is owned by the Ignazio family and Nicholas wants to play with his property. Nicholas is a sick and evil man but he loves Mr Penn even though he wants to hurt him. I hope there is more to come, if you like dark and M/M don't miss this one!!
Love this!!
Dannie has moved back to Whisper Lake after a nasty divorce. Her ex destroyed her trust in men with his cheating and lawsuit to try and get her money. Dino came to the lake from Manhattan to work at the hospital as a favor for a friend. After 2 run ins (literally) Dannie can't fight her growing attraction to Dino. With meddling neighbors and the Goddesses blessing Dannie starts to let Dino in but after an incident at his house Dannie walks away despite everyone believing there is more to the Read More
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Had me hooked from the beginning!
As a teenager Darcy had a decision that would change hers and Zach's lives forever. Zach can't forgive Darcy for not trusting he could take care of her and getting him sent away to military school. 10 years later and Darcy can't believe her eyes, she needs a closer look to see if it really is Zach the boy she can't stop loving. Zach wants answers but he wasn't prepared for the feeling that went with seeing Darcy. With lots of plot twists and a full range of emotions nothing's is clear cut. Will Read More
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I hate to see this series end!
I loved Sam and Logan's story. Sam thinks she is cursed and can feel that Logan is a tortured soul as well. What was supposed to be a fling has started to turn in to a mess of emotions that Sam can't handle and she walks away from her hot hockey player. The only thing Logan knows about Sam is she lives in NYC. After reconnecting and screwing it up Logan is floored to find out who Sam really is and he is determined to not loss her again, but Sam is scared that she will get Logan killed and would Read More
Wow!!! Great book 4 1/2 stars
I was given this book from Reading Alley for an honest review. 4 1/2 stars!! What a great debut story, I can't wait to read more! Lizbeth has suffered by the hands of her ex husband and after 2 years of physical therapy she takes her 2 children and moves across the country to be closer to her best friend. During her first week in Quincy she runs into a brick wall of a man that she now can't seem to avoid, every where she goes he seems to be around. Declan has seen his share of heartbreak but hears Read More
Love this series!!
I received this book from Reading Alley for an honest review. What another cliff hanger? That was to be expected! Once again I'm loved this story even with it's emotional roller coaster ride and can't wait to read the conclusion. Alexia went to her best friends wedding, slept with her ex and got pregnant again, who was married to Tinker Hell, and had her life explode around her again. Jax finds out about the twins and freaks out, how can he trust Alexia again when she kept something so big from Read More
4.5 stars!!!!
I received this book from Reading Alley for an honest review. I loved this story and can't wait to get the next book!!! Embezzlement, humor and holy hotness leave you wanting more. I have not read a more humorous book since Wallbanger! Alexia is witty, funny and oh so sassy when accused of embezzling millions of dollars from work she goes on house arrest to Ryan manor. Jaxson has her right where he wants her and when she finally gives in the sheets start to fly! Now for the end all I will Read More
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