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Most wonderful read
Having read the first book of this series, Mastering Darkness, I could not wait for more. And I was not disappointed. This book's focus is on Sebastian. the alpha wolf in Anthony’s home of vampires and shape shifters. He is an extraordinary character and one of my favorites. He has the ability to read minds, which he hates and people fear him, for no one can hide any secrets from him. He feels alone and lost. His hidden desire is for Jade, a shape shifter Jaguar, who hates to change. In her Read More
Excellent Vampire Tale
This story is so powerful and rich. It is so realistic and one that captivated me from page one. I love vampires; I think they are romantic as when they allow themselves to love, it is a total and complete love. This is not the normal vampire tale. It is a refreshing and different take on the true power and connection of them. Anthony is the Master over all of Atlanta’s supernatural community. He is fierce and so strong, and yet he is fair in his judgment and he takes his role very seriously. Read More
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Best book I have read!
I am an avid reader and I can honestly say this book is beyond amazing. I was hooked from the first page and hated for it to end. It is deep and so intense. Jenny, a pop rock star, has a stalker, who she at first deemed as harmless. But as time passed it was clear they were most dangerous so she seeks help. And help arrives in the form of Dan, the detective put on the case to find the stalker and protect her. The relationship between them is intense and wonderful and the mystery behind the stalker Read More
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Chilling and amazing
This book is one of the best on paranormal encounters and had me breathless more then once. My heart pounded as I read it and the details are superb and concise. I felt such a connection to Sage and her journey into the unknown kept me turning pages. After her grandmother is murdered and she must go to tie up loose ends she discovers a secret that is overwhelming. Her character is so intense and the life she knew changes forever. Mystery and intrigue fill the book and I could not stop reading Read More
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Amazing fantasy
I love books of this genre, a true fantasy with magic and mystery. It grabbed me from the start and I was pulled into a beautiful world that entranced me. It has everything a great fantasy holds; there is a conspiracy, betrayal and family loyalty. The struggle of a royal family fighting to stay together and save the kingdom is intense and so powerful. The attention to details is amazing and the dialogue is incredible and made the story even better. I love the character of Gamba, the grandfather; Read More
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Exciting Book
This is a wonderful book and it took me on an exciting adventure. It has impeccable details and I love the era it is set in. Hebby Roman did a fantastic job with this story and made me feel like I was there. It is the tale of independence and courage, the bonds of friendship and such sweet romance. Angelina and Destiny are delightful characters, different in so many ways and they become best friends and learn many life lessons through the eyes of the other. Angelina escapes the life she is supposed Read More
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A Masterpiece
I love vampire books but this one totally blew me away. It is hard core and so enticing I could not stop. It is fresh and different with so many twists and surprises. Extremely intense characters and they all came together to make this an incredible read. Sar is human and she falls for a werecat and a vampire, and she faces so many feelings and the bizarre life of raising a daughter who is half human and half cougar. I do not want to give away any spoilers but trust me, this book rocks. I want Read More
Straight to the heart
This book starts out powerful and kept me turning pages. It moved me and pulled at my heart strings. This is the story of Brandy, who loses her newborn daughter and her world drops away. She struggles with the loss, and it seems to just get worse as her marriage fails because her husband doesn’t quite get it. She is a strong and inspiring character and I love her spunk. Edward comes along and things get complicated. It is packed with raw emotions of loss, depression, betrayal, and a few lessons Read More
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Best Romance Ever
I am a hopeless romantic and this is by far my favorite romance ever. It is heart warming and touching, with amazing characters and a story line that just grabbed me. Jace is perfection, the bad boy who has the warmest heart. His life is chaos and he meets Zoe and everything changes. There is so many emotions and unexpected events. Betrayal, greed, and love above all else. The story is filled with wonderful details and written with a smooth and easy flow. It is steamy and sexy but very classy. Read More
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Delightful Read
This is a wonderful and enchanted fantasy with a twist. It combines reality with fantasy and I loved it. The extraordinary characters are perfect and pulled me into a delightful world. Petir is great and finds himself in a different place and time following and accident and the people he encounters changes his life forever. Rianne becomes the center of his attention and they both struggle with a bit of denial on the possibilities. It is filled with impeccable details that sent me right into the Read More
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