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30-something wife, mother, girlfriend, sister, daughter & working professional with a love of reading & reviewing. My "spare" time is spent getting my adrenaline junkie fix, or chillin' with a bottle of dark red wine, a sexy read & a hot tub. Enjoy!
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5 wild and unpredictable stars for EDGE OF TRUTH!
High-profile American TV journalist Tess Newell is certain that someone, anyone, will be searching for her after she's been kidnapped by a terrorist group in East Africa. When a French Foreign Legionnaire literally gets dropped into her hellhole, Tess is wary, but glad to have human contact again. Flynn doesn't mess around. After recovering for a few hours, he's busting them out of the underground dungeon and into that desert night, evading recapture, land mines, opportunistic thieves and a multi-government Read More
4 delicious Domme stars for DIRTY IRISH.
Grant McKinley hasn't been back to Oahu and Riding Irish for too long, instead opting to live in solitude, pretending to his brothers that life is good. When he comes back to town for a St. Patrick's Day ride, he's ready to see the only woman who's ever brought him to his knees, Natalie Conklin. McKinley lost himself to her dominance once, and left her before there was nothing of himself left. But now he's back, and he wants another chance to prove how much he loves her. But McKinley broke her when Read More
5 scandalously hot stars for BUNS!
If Clara Morgan is able to successfully rebrand Bailey Falls' Bryant Mountain House, she's assured her next move will be as partner in one of the best branding agencies in the country. If only Archie Bryant, the son of the man who hired her, would stay out of her way, things would be fanTASTIC. It's just that her lips keep colliding with his every time they were alone…and dammit she doesn't want to stop. Clara is all about living out of a suitcase and working nonstop since she has no family to Read More
5 sexy, hookin up on the downlow stars for CROSSROADS!
Ranger is at a crossroads in his life. New to the Wind Dragons MC, he's not sure how involved he wants to be, but he keeps getting sucked back in. When he's asked for help finding a missing woman that he knows, Ranger must say yes. Detective Johanna Chase is determined to locate her cousin Elizabeth, who they're finding out was kidnapped by sex traffickers. Along the way, the two of them fall hard and deep, but once they find out there's more in common than just wanting to save Elizabeth, their Read More
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Delicious MMF Erotic Suspense
To be fair, I'm not a huge fan of the paranormal stories to begin with, so when things get more complex than "oh wow, you're a wolf!" I tend to kind of zone out if they're the slightest bit confusing. And while DUTY, HONOR, LOVE Isn't necessarily rocket science, Ms. Stone created something intriguing, mysterious and downright deviously delectable. The Special Investigations Unit of the Toronto PD has a few tricks up its sleeve, one being telepath Jaden Black. Able to read people's Read More
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For those who haven't heard of the term bedlam, it was originally a London mental institution and is now synonymous with chaos and madness...an apt description for Allegra's life! When Allegra Thome has her man catching panties stolen by DEA Agent Sloan, she's pissed! How dare he! She's a respectable member of the teaching community for Pete's sake! Who cares that the thugs she teaches are all last chance hooligans, when she finds out one of her girls comes up missing, she'll do whatever it Read More
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She Nailed It!
Professional not-a-hitman Wynn Collier has spent a year and a half searching for a woman who doesn't want to be found. He's tracked his quarry, Julie Burt, to a tiny town in Texas and quickly falls in lust with the sexy brunette. When they discover each other's identities and true motives, they're in too deep to reign in their passion. Wynn and Julie will have to figure out what information that a treacherous third party wants before she disappears...for good. NAILED is book 1 in the Marked Read More
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A Smarty-Pants Romance That You'll Love!
Sports journalist Rob van Horn is content. He's not overly happy, and is actually just a wee bit lonely if he's being honest, but he's not complaining. His life is forever changed when his sister sets him up with her friend Taylor O'Brien. 38 year old Taylor's life has been a one way path through hell since her lying, thieving ex husband left her with nothing, including her job as a professional women's basketball player. When Rob meets this Valkyrie, he's enchanted by the dark skinned woman who Read More
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So Hot Sex, So So Story.
When Grae Burrows sees her old friend Boyce Denali caught up in something dark and powerful while performing a BDSM scene on webcam, she somehow knew she needs to go to him. Boyce and his longtime lover Ford "Saint" Templar are shocked to find Grae on their doorstep and inserting herself back into their lives, but damn if they don't want to make her theirs…permanently. But Grae is running from something, and the men have no idea how to break through her barriers. This is one time that Read More
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Not Quite the Extraordinary Book I Hoped For
When a very special Egyptian artifact arrives at a museum to be put on loan for special display, Hannah Swift can't believe her eyes. Sure, the head is beautiful…but she's certain it's a forgery. As the personal assistant to its owner, Hannah needs to figure out what has happened before a scandal erupts. Her best bet is to tell Jesher Kenyon, her boss' son, even though his cool attitude and steely demeanor unnerve her. Things keep getting more and more mysterious, including the attraction between Read More
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