Help: For Authors and Publishers
Reading Alley gives you instant access to a community of independent reviewers who can submit insightful reviews and feedback on your books. In addition, Reading Alley serves as a repository of book reviews. Submitted reviews can be posted on the site, providing a reference to others looking for reviews and recommendations on your books.
Author and Publisher Benefits
Reading Alley offers 3 great benefits to authors and publishers:
  1. Convenience and Control
    Reading Alley offers a community of reviewers right at your fingertips. No need to personally source for reviewers or contact review site to request reviews.
    You have maximum control in deciding which reviewer is the best fit for your book. Monitor book requests and reviews with user-friendly tools and statistics provided at the site. No need to manually monitor with a spreadsheet.
    All these translates to precious time saved that you can use to write your next book.
  2. Increased Book Awareness and Exposure
    Submitted reviews can be posted on the site, providing a single location in which others looking for reviews and recommendations on your books can reference.
    In addition, regular marketing events and promotions help to further increase awareness and exposure for your books.
  3. Affordable Book Security
    Reading Alley applies affordable, yet effective security for your books. Send secure review copies out to unlimited reviewers. Or use Reading Alley as the medium to send your books as giveaways in contests.
    Different book formats are supported, offering different levels of security according to your level of comfort.
Getting Started
Signing up at Reading Alley is free, and takes 3 easy steps:
  1. Account Sign Up.
    Sign up for your free acount here.
  2. Email Verification.
    You will receive a verification email on the email address that you specified during the sign up process. Click on the link in the email to verify your account.
  3. Account Validation by Reading Alley.
    Reading Alley will need to validate your author/publisher status. There is no action needed on your part, though you have to wait for this process to complete before you can start adding books for review. This will normally take 2-3 working days after email verification.
Once your author/publisher account is fully validated, you may then proceed to creating the profile of the books you want reviewed and start review sessions. Please see the FAQ questions below for more details.
Frequently Asked Questions
  • What are the benefits of placing my books at Reading Alley?
    Benefits of using Reading Alley for reviews:
    • A secure, easy-to-use platform to send review copies of your books
    • Instant access to a community of reviewers
    • Security applied on copies sent to reviewers
    • Easy monitoring of book requests and reviews
    • Chance to participate in site events and promotions for increased awareness and exposure
    • Repository of book reviews for reference to future readers
  • Who can add books?
    Authors and publishers. Personal assistants and publicity companies that are given the authority by the authors/publishers may also add books on their behalf.
  • Does my book have to be published before I can add it?
    This is not required. You can list:
    • Titles that are already published and for sale
    • Titles that are soon to be published.
    The important thing is that you must have a review copy ready for reviewers.
  • Account Sign Up
  • Why does my account need to be validated?
    For all registrants, there's an email verification step to go through to prove that it is a real person with a real email address who signed up.
    For authors/publishers, there's a second step: Account Validation. Your identity as publisher or author needs to be validated as part of the security procedures at the site to protect sensitive information, and to make the site secure and safe for everyone to use.
  • How long does it take before my account is validated?
    Reading Alley has set a 2 - 3 working day period to validate accounts. There may however be instances it may take longer than usual to complete the process. You may send a follow up email at the Contact Us Page if you have not been contacted by our membership team after 3 working days.
  • I'm an author, but I wish to review books as well. Can I use my author account to review?
    You may use the same account to review, or you may also create a new account to separate your author account from your reviewing account.
  • I'm an author, but I don't want to review books. Am I allowed to sign up?
    Yes. You can use your account solely for author related functions, such as adding books and starting review sessions.
    If at any time, you do request for review copies of any books on the site, it will be with the understanding that you post a reviews after reading it.
  • Which member type should I select when registering?
    Reading Alley offers 3 distinct member types. During sign up, you will need to select the most appropriate type that fits your profile.
    • Member/Reviewer:
      • Readers who want to review
    • Author:
      • Authors who want to submit their books for review
      • Independent authors who self-publish their books
      • Personal assistants of authors who are authorized by the authors to put up their books for review
    • Publisher:
      • Publishing companies that publish different authors' works
      • Publicity companies (inclusive of publicists)
  • I have successfully created an account. What's next?
    Once your account is validated, you can start adding books for review. Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions for Members section for more details (member sign-in required).
  • Security
  • What kind of security is placed on the review copy sent to the reviewers?
    The PDF, ePUB and Kindle copies are stamped with the reviewer's name, IP address, and the date and time of the download. The PDF is also protected with a 128 bit encryption key that prevents copying, printing and modifying the file. The PDF and the ePUB has the added feature of a watermark on all pages of the file.
    The table below summarizes the level of security of each digital format.
  • Do reviewers know they cannot share the ebook they receive for review?
    Reviewers are required to actively agree not to distribute the review copy in any form or via any method every time they download a copy for review. In this way, they are reminded to respect the author's copyright, and that illegal distribution is a violation and a crime.
    Reading Alley also has strong measures in place to discourage piracy. Read more.
  • Others
  • I heard you have a rewards program for reviewers. Can you tell me all about it?
    Reading Alley has a rewards program that encourages reviewers to be active at the site. Check out the Rewards Program Section for more details(member sign-in required).
Other Questions?
If you have another question not addressed in this section, please contact us here.