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Do you despise your cellulite or some other perceived physical or character flaw? Wish you didn’t have to worry about your imperfections and what other people thought of them anymore? Take this intimate journey with him for the next 30 days and feel better about yourself through this Christian devotional. Discover who you really are, and the immense … Read More
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Crowning Glory: An Experiment in Self-Discovery Through Disguise You want your hair to be perfect to show the true you. But without the hair on your head, who are you? What if it is somebody else’s hair? In this beautifully written, heartfelt, witty, and life-affirming memoir, Stacy Harshman tracks her amazing experiment. By wearing dramatic, … Read More
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The book that is changing the way women see childbirth Author and mother Sonia Killik, urges and empowers expectant mothers to take back control of their bodies and their births. In a medicated world dominated by caesareans, interventions and impersonality, this step-by-step guide navigates the world of pregnancy and birth. It provides an in-depth … Read More