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Charming tale of a love longer than a lifetime
May 26, 2018 (Edited May 26, 2018)
This was a charming tale of love. A love from the past, and the present. While that can sound confusing the author strove to entertwine the two and weave them together into one tale. The characters had normal foibles, the heroine often found herself around people challenged with drinking issues for example. The casual style and plot development worked well together, along with secondary characters that filled in any gaps as they came along. Whether you believe in reincarnation or not, human nature has us repeating the same mistakes over and over. Do we learn to avoid them, or stupidly stumble into the same situations repeatedly? That premise makes this story relevant to human nature. Parts may have been slightly repetitive, but that was expected with the nature of the story. All in all, I found the read both poignant and frustrating. Often characters are larger than life, the author didn't do that with her characters in this story. They stumbled, they struggled, they were human. And in the ups and downs they clung to their love. I would expect the author to have future works, and will gladly spend time in her next read as well.
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Meet Me In The Garden
Rosa Sophia
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