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“Don’t you have a long, dark tunnel to go into and a light to follow?”
Dec 18, 2016
“The haunting of hotel labelle” is a unique paranormal story, far from the usual ghost plot, this book’s hero instead of being a lost soul who can’t move on after his death, is a living person stuck in between worlds because of a curse that happened almost a hundred years ago. The heroine was also not your average person thanks to her spiritual powers and the special gift she has of seeing lost souls wandering in the hotels she visits to restore. I liked the chemistry Tallulah and Lucius had, a modern woman and a hundred year old trapped soul together produced plenty of humorous scenes because of their clashing personalities and it was so funny seeing Lucius trying to understand and interact with modern people and devices, being a hundred 100 year old ghost had definitely an affect to his adjustment skills. “-Shouldn’t you be haunting the attic or porch or basement? -Now what kinda fun would that be?” This story had also some great secondary characters, both hostile ones who were trying to take advantage of our main characters and yet their “all over the place” personalities provided plenty of entertainment for the reader and the friendly ones that were there to assist Tallulah with her gifts. I enjoyed reading about all of them, I only wish that Bert’s character didn’t have so many skills because it was a bit unbelievable seeing him being a lawyer, having fought in a war and now working in homeland security. The plot also seemed to have a few weak spots, we see that Tallulah was the only one who could help Lucius with his curse but when that happened it was a bit uneventful. We also see the author creating some conflict with Tallulah’s insecurities about Luciou’s feelings for his dead wife, I just wish we could have seen them solve that problem with proper communication and maybe take some time off to think instead of seeing them try to solve it by having sex only to see the same problem rise up again and honestly, I think the way it appeared, with Lucius calling the heroine with his dead wife’s name, shouldn’t have happen at all with someone who is truly in love.
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Thank you for your thoughtful review and constructive feedback. I appreciate you reading and reviewing my work. If you have time, I'd love it if you could post your review on Amazon. Thanks!! Sharon
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