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Frozen In Time
Jun 5, 2017
After reading the summary on this book I was not entirely convinced that it would turn to be a great read. However, I am glad to admit my haste judgment. Lucius Stewart put everything he owned into the hotel and was very much in love. The woman he loved was from the Crow Indians and her name was Mourning Dove. In their culture the men lived with the women, but Lucius wasn't ready to leave his hotel. One night the Crow Medicine Woman, who happened to be the mother, came to let him know his selfishness cost the life of her daughter and unborn grandchild. Full of rage and pain she cursed him to remain in his beloved hotel for eternity. The curse limited him to the hotel only and no farther. Many years of abandonment and destruction befell the hotel until William Wellington III came to town. He truly believed that he could turn the place around and make some money as well. When odd events begin to happen with employees, construction workers, and residents he is forced to call in a professional. Tallulah Thompson, along with her associate and best friend answer the call and come to help turn the hotel from a dud to a thriving hotel. She has always been able to see spirits and uses that talent to help them pass over to the great beyond. She promised her grandmother, a Choctaw Medicine Woman, told her to hide her talents to avoid the wrong attention. The minute that T&F Hotel Inspections, Inc. (Tallulah and Franny) she feels a deep pull to her soul. Immediately she detests William, Will and tells him to basically stop the flirting or she will leave. Franny loves an adorable pug who sheds enough to require a lint brush in hand. She loves sniffing everything, making Tallulah walk around in her pj's to let her do her daily constitutional. Charms the hearts of everyone she comes in contact with and can see the spirits as well! Tallulah sees Lucius immediately and is surprised by how handsome he is and the way her heart melts when he smiles. Some reason has fated them to be together. Simply being near her makes Lucius a solid being after 100 years of having no one. They need to find a way to lift the curse from the Medicine Woman and maybe the spirit can tell Tallulah what to do. Beautiful Blackfeather is the woman who cursed Lucius and her bloodline continues even in her death. Her great great grandchildren still live in that town. Emma Horserider (aka Blackfeather) works at the hotel and knows that Tallulah has been chosen to help right a wrong. In the middle of it all there is a special department in Homeland Security and Bert Blackfeather (Emmas brother) heads up a division of special talented people and he knows that Tallulah is just the person he needs to help out his task. Using her "abilities" to help fight terrorism all over the world. She used those talents to locate and describe the thugs that paid a "visit" to Will, who just ain't who he seems. The story was so enticing that I did not put it down until I finished the last page. The narrates of this story are Lucius and Tallulah. It is very interesting the way that their habits and knowledge of the times differ and yet be completely on point. I hope that their story is not over and that we will here of them in the future. I was given this book to review from the author/publisher through Reading Alley and in exchange I give my unbiased opinion.
Comment from the Author
Thank you for reading my book. I laughed out loud at the pet roller. So true. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and my characters. If you have time, I would love it if you would post this review on Amazon. Best regards! Sharon
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