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Jul 30, 2017 (Edited Jul 30, 2017)
If you liked the spice and sizzle of the authors first book in this series, then you're going to love the hot sex scenes of this book! There was more steam between the two main characters both physically and strategically as the story unfolded. The characters remained the same, but as the plot developed so did the people playing out the action. The ultimate bad boy certainly had a long leash as he went to work on the central character Zara. Set in the same world of art and it's dark underside of unscrupulous art patrons, there were twists and turns on just about every page. There was the typical hot romantic approach with Tobias, the main man. He was rich, smart, and of course was so in love and lust with her that he overlooked her constant betrayals and believed her after she lied to him several times in so many instances. Like Sampson and Delilah I read this book as I'd watch at train wreck. His wasn't the only character that surprised me. There was a contradiction in Zara, the brilliant, talented and self reliant heroine that just happened to make all sorts of personal decisions to allow herself to be controlled and love it. But complicated characters can be fun to follow in any story with this much action. In the end, things worked out. The author skillfully wrapped up enough details to leave you with a sense of closure and left others open for the next installment of the storyline. If you loved The Chase, you're going to enjoy this story too!
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