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Mar 12, 2018
FYI: In Deep is the length between a short story and novella. Maybe, to be defined as a novelette? Personally, I think that it should be designated as such in the book blurb so that unsuspecting readers are well-informed. That being said, I knew the length going and adjusted my expectations to that of a short story/novella. In Deep is a second chance romance that begins two years after an 8 week romance between Max and Sophie. Max has been incommunicado since their time together with reasons unknown to Sophie. Sophie longs to prove herself on the mountain, while Max yearns to keep her protected while also avoiding close proximity. The conflict and frustrations felt authentic along with the author's educated knowledge of ski patrol work. Although swiftly told, I connected with both Max and Sophie, but especially to Max. His characterization was that of a gentleman who loved fiercely, but tenderly. I would love to read a full-length story by this author given what she accomplished in this shorter story. Overall, entertaining with wonderful characters in a novelette.
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In Deep
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