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Melt The Slopes
Feb 2, 2018
This story has the capacity to melt the ice from any mountain. Which is exactly where this book takes place, Emerald Mountain. Max is the Ski Patrol Director and is in charge of the avalanche (avy) and in his crew that he is drooling over Sophie Tremore. Sure, they had a past 2yrs ago for 8 weeks, but that was all in the past. Sophie is strictly "off limits" from upper management and Sophie is still fuming that he never called her back. She went on with her life and gained all the knowledge she would need. Emerald Mountain has Powder Basin, Emerald Basin, Ruby Chutes, and they are not the Bunny Slope level. They are double Black Diamond terrain. The best way to control the slopes was with some explosions. There is plenty of danger that can happen on those hills and Max knows that he cannot keep Sophie on the easy-low risk assignments. He decides to take her out on a run to assess the 19 inches of snow that fell the night before. When Max sees Sophie caught in an avy he can only see Anne's battered body. It was 2yrs ago yet the fear still consumed him. How can he keep his mind clear, Sophie safe, and his thoughts pure? When these two collide again more than just their hearts are at stake. Which is more important: keeping your job, or finding true love? The language is coarse and VERY explicit. The details can melt a lot of ice! I love this story for its clever situation of danger, lust, compassion, and adventure without leaving your warm home. I would recommend this book with 10 cold chills out of 10! I received this book for free and I give an unbiased opinion in return.
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