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It blew my mind
Nov 27, 2017
This book was something else. Both characters still have a lot to learn about each other, or have to rediscover a lot about each other. It unnerved me at times, but it also helped me understand the actions or the decision they took. I really had no clue how it would end. So I went on with every page and kept on reading. And I liked what I read. Finally tired of being lied to, or finally tired of ignoring the ever present signs, Evie takes some time away from her marriage. Hoping to figure out where her feelings stand and if she can give her husband another chance, she goes off to her grandmother’s house to do some thinking. Here she meets Jake who wants to fulfill her every desire and fantasy. But back home, Joe wants his wife back. Is there another chance for this family? Have they really done a mistake? And if they did, when was that? Before or during their marriage? Each of these characters, Evie, Jake and Joe, is unique and very complex. The author has done a great job making the reader understand their actions on a psychological level. Evie finds in Jake the fun she has lost (or maybe never had) with her husband. Jake enjoys each day and takes what life gives him, making the most out of each day. And Joe, is it late for him to recover his family? I think he is a very interesting character and the fight he has inside is much deeper than the one the other characters have. I liked it and I liked it a lot to give 4 stars. I loved that it has shown different perspectives of a damaged relationship, different views on life and I lived that it raises a flag on any relationship in which there are no sparks. Even if we speak about a boyfriend and girlfriend or a marriage, there has to be an interesting side to it. I would have given it 5 stars, but Joe’s trip and his “adventures” didn’t stay well with me. But other than that, it blew my mind!
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