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They just get better and better
Nov 27, 2017
I have mentioned several times before, I am in love with vampire books. I like werewolves, I don’t like as much other type of shifters, but I love vampires. So you can imagine my excitement over this series, especially because it covers a community of extraordinary beings, each trying to put order in their lives. Since I have to review the first three books in the series, I will quickly go through the plot and dive directly into the likes and (minor) dislikes. Mastering Darkness The series stars with Anthony’s story, one of the oldest and strongest vampires out there. He knows his power, knows his ugliness, but when faced with the innocent Kaia, his feelings are twisted. Being torn between trusting and not trusting her, he risks his status and life for her. While both characters have scars, Anthony wears his on the outside and Kaia wears hers on the inside. She has her own trust issues, but sees life with beautiful eyes regardless of her traumatic childhood. I liked the connection between them, I felt that in this case the ending was a little rushed and I was expecting a more serious conflict. But, vampires I love. Then the book I love  Abandoned Darkness Ok, next character is Anthony’s best friend and trusted employee, Sebastian has isolated himself from most people (or beings) because of his powers. Being one of the leaders in the wolf community, he is feared by all. Jade, however, falls for the danger. She herself turning into a jaguar from time to time, has to deal with rejection from her family or pack members. When the two collide, fire starts instantly. They have to learn to trust each other, they have to learn how to deal with each other’s moods or bad attitude. I believe this book is more focused on character development than the action itself. Or at least I have enjoyed this part more. Loved it, probably even more than the first one. Resisting Darkness These books just get better and better. And I know this by fact, because I’ve already read book 4. But this is another review. Book 3 in the series brings us Ethan’s story and some answers to the questions in Book 1. Now we can better understand why is he the bad guy and from where comes his desire for revenge. So while his unsettled emotions scream from the need of justice, Harmony (the new vampire in town) just wants to establish a home. So torment meets tranquility. Again two opposites that make this story just fantastic. But with all the romance involved, my attention was more to Ethan and his evolution since “Abandoned Darkness”. This character is the crown of the first 3 books. The author did an amazing job here ! So after going through the first three books, I realize I’ve rated all the same: 4 stars. Even if I enjoyed one more than the other, I cannot seem to differentiate between them. I cannot give 3 stars, but I cannot give 5 either, as in all I wanted a more explosive peak of the action. Probably the closed to 5 stars would be Book no. 3. Let’s see how the next book turns out. In the meantime, I loved all the action and the fantastic beings and their relationships!
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I'm so glad you liked the series Lilly! Thank you for your in depth review of each book! Have a great day! :) Kate
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