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Secret societies, fae lore and special forces soldier
May 13, 2018
Secret societies, fae lore and special forces soldier... all intriguing elements to capture my attention. New to me author Ms. Horner kicks off the story slow and quickly picks up momentum with intrigue, betrayal and murder. Lara Spenser is a woman who is at her wits end. She is hiding in a country trying to recover from a tragic car collision she survived but did not walk away from. Stuck in a wheelchair and being hunted down for a treasured family relic is not how she planned her life to be. To lose her beloved uncle so early is another blow she is barely surviving. To almost finish her off, her twin is being held hostage and could already be dead. The concept of this story is interesting. For those who do not read a lot, this can be a refreshingly new tale with twists and turns. For a jaded reader like myself, this story is a bit predictable. I'm almost afraid to read the rest of the stories because I am pretty sure I know who the evil villain is behind the misfortunes. What I did enjoy is the interaction between Lara and her saviour, Connor O’Shea. Their initial relationship develops over some intense life and death situations. I also really enjoyed the side trip in finding Connor's family in Ireland. It is a nice touch which enhances the character relationship. Not sure it makes any forward movement for the plot, but it did help flesh out the story a bit. The story pace did move along a bit faster once Lara's life is on the line with Hellhounds chasing her. Bringing in other characters to build the base for the next book is nicely done. It does make me want to read the second book, if only to learn more about Connor's best friend who currently hates him. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who enjoy secret societies and protective males.
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