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Masterful Suspense on so many levels
Feb 10, 2018
The author spun a charming romance into something so much more. With subplots and the skillful use of minor characters life in a small town was realistic, even when strange things started happening. The plot was well paced, never leaving me waiting for the next shoe to drop. The characters developed and matured as the story unfolded. I was glad that no stereotypes shackled the author in the telling, good people had flaws. That doesn't happen in all stories, but it tugged at my heart strings in this one. The one thing I had to struggle with was deciding who the story revolved around. Was it the couple falling in love? Or was it the children? Attention was paid to both, in the end it was probably a draw. The only thing I didn't care for was the ending to the epilogue. It tied up some loose ends while leaving even more. But in the end, I'd eagerly suggest anyone that likes suspenseful stores read this.
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Let The Dead Lie
W.L. Brooks
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