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A Charming Story about a Simpler Time
Feb 14, 2018
In todays busy world, it's easy to idealize yesteryear, and more specifically that time in small towns. The author took a trip backwards 75-80 years and portrayed life in small town America. From the upper and lower societies having separate neighborhoods to the values that each had. Life wasn't portrayed as perfect, but is was obviously simpler. Once the reader understood that, then the slower pace and the lack of explosive action was fine. It's not a thriller, but instead a charming glimpse into the past. The romance starts and gradually builds, the characters faced issues outside of the bedroom, a nice change from some of the current more graphic novels. Attraction was there, but the author kept it classy and dignified. The writing style was well suited for the tale as it advanced. Characters grew and changed in the telling, and while some of them were type cast, that was in keeping with the society they were placed in. In some places the action might have seemed a bit predictable, but just as I thought I had figured out what to expect then the plot would veer a bit, enough to keep me in suspense. I would recommend this book, but not to an action junkie. There is nothing wrong with that style book but this is more for a relaxed read, one you can take your time and enjoy like a stroll in a beautiful park. You don't want to hurry it anyhow.
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