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Betrayals, Lies and Family...
Jun 22, 2017
Vince LaRue is a shiftless shifter, a hybrid were-jaguar who has avoided other supernaturals for his whole life. His mother, Charlotte, is an Asian & African-American were-jaguar, who raised her son to be leery of supes, especially shifters. Vince has had health problems since puberty, but they are getting worse. Working in the same bookstore where Anthony met Kaia, his boss has been understanding about his health problems. Anthony recognizes that Vince is a shifter and gives him a card with the club address, telling him to go there. Vince is a great character. Penny Thomason, a were-coyote, loves computers, but doesn't do well with men, using sarcasm and snarky comments to cover up her uneasiness. She's attracted to Vince when she first sees him, but takes a while to allow him close. It took me a bit more time to warm up to Penny, but do understand why she acts the way she does. Zach, alpha of the were-jaguars, has returned and we get to see a more serious side to him. Anthony tells Zach about Vince because there cannot be lone jaguar shifters in his territory. Zach tries to help Vince as much as he can, explaining about the club, the vampires and the various shifter groups, especially the jaguars. Have always like Zach. Anthony, the Master vampire of Atlanta, rules over vampires and shifters on his territory. He makes sure Zach knows about Vince and the invitation to the club. He also worries about who's embezzling money from the community, shifter and vampire. Then there's Kaia, the love of his undead life, who he is certain is keeping something from him. Kaia, human in love with Anthony, is nervous about going through the change...becoming vampire. Charlotte LaRue, Vince's mom and a full-blooded were-jaguar, has been lying to him his whole life. She was afraid to tell him about his background...who his father was. She works two jobs to get by and with Vince's job they are barely making it. She and Vince have avoided supes because of something in her past that she never told Vince comes back to haunt both her and Vince. I do understand a mother's love and wanting to protect her children, no matter their age, from all threats. Ed, a big man, muscular and a shifter, is shot by Charlotte when he comes to their apartment. Really like the chemistry between the two. The Savannah were-jaguars are introduced. Four brothers, Asian and a tight knit group, ruled with an iron fist by their father, the alpha. Min-Chul is the youngest brother, quiet, a bit mysterious and rumored to be an enforcer for the pride...interesting character. Number four in the Forest of Darkness series, Shifting Darkness is a good addition, fitting in with the first three books. Each book in the series adds another dimension to the characters and to the world created by the author. I like that the characters are not perfect...there are flaws, human emotions and uncertainties, even though they're supernaturals. Although each book is a stand-alone paranormal romance, I recommend reading the series in order as there are characters and a few storylines that will carry over. Will want to continue the series with book number five...
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Thanks so much for your review CatLoverGGma! So glad you like the book and the series! :) Kate
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