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“He wanted her, though. He needed her.”
May 10, 2017
So far, “Shifting Darkness” is my favorite story in the series, I liked Penny’s strength and her skills with computers and I truly felt sympathy towards Vince after reading about his sickness. Penny and Vince had good chemistry and I loved reading about the time they spent together, flirting and getting to know each other. I also enjoyed the erotic scenes which were very steamy, the author handled their animal nature very well during those scenes and she kept a nice balance between the erotic scenes and all the other intimate moments the couple had. I really appreciated the fact that Penny and Vince took their time learning about their partner, compared to other romance stories where the main characters immediately start having sex and declare their love even though they barely know each other. What was quite interesting in this story was the way the author described the moments of weakness and pain of her characters. Page after page I witnessed Vince’s reality and i was able to feel his suffering and frustration about his broken body, I saw his hopes go up only to be crushed again and again in his journey to find a cure for his sickness. Plus, in other paranormal stories not much thought goes about the process of a shifter’s transformation, but here I loved the way a transformation was described, it was both intriguing and horrifying at the same time. “His arms lengthen as he screamed in horror and his cat eyes were wild, feverish and terrified.” “Her heart hurt for him as he dried heaved on the bed and in between wild cat screams and the grotesque sounds of his body forcibly changing shape. And they all cringed when his skin actually stretched to its limit and tore open in spots, only to heal again.” If there is one thing I wanted from this book and I didn’t get, it was the fact that I didn’t see Penny and Vince spend any time together in their animal forms. I would have loved to see them describe each other’s animals and experience how it is when they run together when it is full moon.
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Thanks for your review Fani! Glad to hear you continue to enjoy the series! :) Kate
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