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Complex character and complex plot
Nov 27, 2017
Yes! They just get better and better. “Shifting Darkness” is book 4 in “A Forest of Darkness” series and in my opinion this is the best out of all. It introduces a more complicated main character, dealing with too many issues and as well several other small plots. Even if this book can be easily read as a standalone, we have several items form the forts three books and it’s quite refreshing to meet them again. In this case, the author has complicated things and taken them even farther. She has included an interesting society system that apparently works pretty well. But again, the main character is exceptional. After Ethan, in “Resisting Darkness” I could not have imagined a better protagonist. Yet, Kate Wendley has done a better job than with her previous books. The action is very complex and with so many twists that will keep you from putting it aside. Chapter by chapter you get deeper and deeper in the intrigue of a society that combines numerous species (vampires, werewolves and other shapeshifters). So that worked for me quite well! Vince deals with rejection from all sides. Even his own body rejects his animal form. So what can he expect from others? He leans on family, as he has his mother who can give him support. This makes him so human and vulnerable and lovable. Once Penny comes in, she appears to be stronger than him on many levels. Even if she is not much of a socialite, she has some tells that make her sensitive and special. So I will end here my review, otherwise I will tend to spoil some details. Go into it, preferably after you have read the other three. You will not regret it! We have here a great author that knows her way around a character,that builds them with attention and profoundness. Loved it a lot! 5 stars for sure 
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Thanks Lilly! This was a fun one to write. :) Kate
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Shifting Darkness
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