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Romances not my thing, but I loved this book!
Feb 21, 2018
Romances are not normally my thing. I a bit more of a rayguns and robots kinda guy, but I loved this book. I guess it touched something in me, I used to be a theatre technician. It’s the height of the 80’s: AIDS, Regan, The Berlin Wall. Fading Ballerina Peri changes partners and the new one, the young Mark, is full of surprises. Erin Bomboy draws a beautiful and believable ballet world (though for me it could use a Glossary for some of the ballet terms, I like a good glossary!) I think because Bomboy lived it (there are lovely details and touches, like the dancers binding their toes and how to tie a pointe shoe) it means that her characters are real, so we live it too. Even her antagonist, the slightly creepy Director, Mr D, is believable and relatable: there are reasons for him being how he is. No excuses, but reasons. I was caught up in this from the get-go. The pacing cleverly follows the ballet form and so it’s a dance on more levels than one, without feeling forced. As far as the traditional romance tropes of HEA’s and HFN’s, that stuff has always bothered me: it gets in the way of telling a good story and there’s way too much depth to this book for it to be outweighed by genre expectations. And for me, the story could have gone any way, at any point, so I was kept guessing until the end. I’d certainly recommend this, to people who read romances and not but I must confess I’m going to go hunting for Erin Bomboy’s thriller next, I’m intrigued to see what she makes of that! I got this book free from Reading Alley in return for an honest review.
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