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A complex world, an intense plot
Nov 27, 2017
Full disclosure: before writing my review, I had a look out there to see what others say about it and boy, there are so many mixed feelings. I stand my ground with my rating, as “Enchanters” is a complex novel, touching a lot of themes or aspects. We have a world who’s magic is dying and a main character who just wants it back. Andrea has taken upon herself to save Damea and on her trip, she find allies and even romance. The author has done a great job creating the world and as well introducing the characters. After the first few chapters, the novel is action packed. So hang in there to understand how it all came to be and after that, you won’t get bored for a minute! The characters are diverse and unique, not only in this novel, but also when I think about other YAs I’ve read. I don’t think there is a perfect one. All have flaws they learn to live with, but how they come together is what makes me like this group. That’s why I will refrain from talking about any of them. For me, they are more important as a group, even if each has its unique traits. The F/F romance on the side is a refreshing aspect. I am not a fan of F/F or M/M romance, it doesn’t bother me, but it’s just easier for me to relate to a F/M couple. However, the author introduced this as such a normal thing, especially if combined with the plot. I would have gone all in with the 5 stars, but I had a hard time at the beginning and as well the writing did not feel as smooth as it should. But with or without my last star, “Enchanters” is a great start for a series, it is intense and combines politics, romance and adventure in a fabulous world. So keep an eye out for this book and the next to come, and K. F. Bradshaw is an author worth following.
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