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Unique modern werewolf tale
Nov 30, 2017
Tom Davidson is an aspiring actor who lived in New York. He returns home when his sister's livelihood is threatened to help her raise funds by putting on a play. Frank Braden is Tom's neighbor. He's been alienated and turnout by his family because he was unfortunate to inherit the family genetic werewolf curse, known as Galen syndrome. He works in the bookstore that Tom's sister, Annie owns. When the plan to put on a play is decided; Frank is roped into writing the script and taking the leading part. When first starting off I had a very intense dislike for Tom. I didn't like that he was trying to manipulate Frank into taking the lead part in the Beauty and the Beast play. It took me a long time to even change my mind about his character. Frank on the other hand I liked, though, I felt a bit bad for him and the prejudice he suffered. I liked that Frank had a support system he never expected he would because of his affliction. The author delving into the behavior and treatment of individuals that suffered from Galen syndrome was fascinating and it certainly portrayed that fear and understanding can make people act badly. This story was quite different and set apart from other werewolf stories because the direction the author took with it and that was a draw for the story. It ended quite nicely though I wish the thing with Frank's family could have been resolved.
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