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Love Is Blind
Oct 4, 2017
Diamonds have always been blamed for becoming a criminal. Something about the way that they shine in the light can entice the eyes. Caitlin Abernathy lives her life in a routine. She works in her jewelry shop creating one of a kind pieces. She don't have time for dating nor does she have the urge. While heading to a potential client that would catapult her jewelry into bigger places, she is attacked and looses the jewelry. If that is not bad enough she gets word that a platonic friend has been murdered. Colin Stryker is an Irish proffessor that is only in the states for a short time and plans to return home to his large family. With the glowing review from his good friend about the jewelry Caitlin can create, a perfect token for his mother back home. With no idea how a dragon amulet appeared in her gem box she feels compelled to see it through to find out the "how" and the "whys." Caitlin, her assistant, and Colin head to Paris to right a wrong. Colin knows that his long time friend has been accused of being in on the heist and he he can be close to Caitlin. Some times we do some some strange things in the name of love. Some people can be obsessive, violent, and worst of all they can be coned. Following blindly for your lover only to find that they used and left you. Love the twists and turns in this story! The part that bothered me is the words that i couldn't understand. I have a large vocabulary and these big words or unfamiliar words kinda annoy me. I checked each word out for meaning and then reread the sentence. It was kind of a hassle. This story is amazing on its own without "Word of the Day" words thrown in. There were other inportant characters in the book and I felt that the most complex people were the proffessor and the jewelry maker! I was given this book to review from the author/publisher through Reading Alley and in exchange I give my unbiased opinion.
Comment from the Author
Thanks for the review, Heartracer. I have not had the comment about the words before, so I'm sorry you had some difficulty, but very glad you enjoyed the story!
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