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Who knows whats in the hearts of men.
Nov 22, 2015
When this wholesome, seemingly religious story started to spread its fingers out in its many directions in a surprisingly strong storyline, I felt a bit of a sceptic as to where it would lead, but open enough to see how far it would go.... In the beginning I was led gently by the hand to meet, ponder and contemplate each new players life in a evolving story of many ordinary people confronted with the unknown, some of them came with faith and some without, along with those who thought they knew and those who really did.. Yet, as the pieces started to weave together, the story appears to revolve more and more around a deep, long-term friendship between four school friends, whom although having remained companions, in one form or another over the years, had drifted apart as each of their lives evolved into its different paths on their journeys through life... That was until a wonderful but confusing event pulled them back together to help them show the world the truth and to understand that it was ok to come together and heal, each in their own ways, yet ultimately become one under God. This story doesn't preach faiths nor promote religion, just wants us to understand the way and the why of god and the happiness of believing. In the end even I had a tear in my eye and joy in my heart ...... Review copy provided by Reading Alley in exchange for an honest account.
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