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Inspirational and thought-provoking
Jul 17, 2015
Being a Christian, I have sometimes thought about the end of the world or Judgement Day. At that time, as I'm led to believe, there's no more second chances. But here in this story, people are given a second chance, heralded by the sign, to change their lives. Specifically, it touched on four friends with different situations and how they responded to this event. Would they repent and make a change or go on as before? Inspirational and thought-provoking! Causes me to pause and reflect on my life. Well-written and easy to read! The author gives lots of attention to details and vivid and clear descriptions such that it seems I was there in person. Throughout the book, we can see the growth and development of each character in believable ways. This book is not a romance; it's women's fiction, and though the story is long, it's not boring as we go through the ups and downs of each woman's life, and perhaps find something that parallels to our own.
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