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Uplifting!! Fantastic!!
Jun 21, 2015
The Snows is a very enjoyable, heartwarming read that has left me uplifted, touched, and wanting for more! It is a story of 4 longtime close friends who cheerfully meet up for a get-together, reminiscing on fun times about their past. But underneath their seemingly successful exterior, each of them are dealing with their own struggles, something they would rather not want to share even among close friends. Then a life-changing experience occurs with a spiritual encounter with God. Their struggles are slowly exposed, and the story shifts to how each of them is touched by this encounter and how they respond to it afterwards. Even with a seemingly heavy theme, it is a light, entertaining read. There are many things I really like about this story. It is storytelling at its finest -- the writing is superbly done! There are absolutely no boring or dragging parts. Each chapter moves from one character to another, but with a fluidity that would not confuse you and would keep you wanting to continue reading well into the night! I stayed up till 3am on many a night struggling to put the book down. :) The pace is just right, neither too fast nor too slow. The authors did an excellent job in building up the plot. Each chapter gave a thorough background on each character, giving us an inside look into their daily lives and expounds on the struggles to help us better appreciate the choices they are confronted with and the looming decisions they have to make. This paved the way for a great ending! The Snows may seem to be a story that appeals to a niche audience, but it really is a story for everyone. What I believe will make a great connection with the readers is the realistic nature of the characters, the predicament they were in, and how they reacted to those situations. These are everyday situations that we could potentially encounter around us. The situation we encounter may be different to theirs but the story gives us an opportunity to reflect that if given a second chance, how would we grab hold of this and live our life. On a scale of 1 to 5, this is a 6 for me. I would definitely recommend this book. And I would definitely look forward to reading other books from K.M. Daughters.
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The Snows
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