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Mar 2, 2018
I can't get enough of college romances, a holdover I think from the YA highschool contemporary romances that I love to read back in my youth. This story gives us the nitty-gritty of college life, together with all the booze and partying of that time. Of course, there are some students who also placed an emphasis on studying, those with the vision of their future, and one of these is Clara, even as she found herself having the need to be balanced with the lighter side of life by her roommate Rose and eventual love interest, Adam Beaumont. Adam, on the other hand, has some inner demons he's battling, and his wild side needed a check, which he found in Clara, to whose attraction he couldn't understand, since she wasn't his usual type. Yet he found himself fighting for her against his mom and an acquaintance, and eventually against himself. Adam typifies all the kids who hasn't yet (doesn't want to) grown up at this stage, preferring to bury his heartaches in drink and women. Clara was a good influence on him, and I find myself rooting for them both, despite all the challenges against them, financially and socially among others. I really enjoyed reading this book. If you love college romances, pick this up!
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