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Feb 8, 2018
TAME THE BEAST is an enjoyable college romance with all the drama and identity searching. Adam is a typical hero--rich, privileged, spoiled, a manwhore. Although I have to say that he became the latter due to something in his past, so maybe he has a valid reason than most heroes. I feel for him; he shouldn't have had to experience that. Some people use tragedies/disappointments as stepping stones to growing up, however, Adam turned to drinking, whoring and generally becoming a disappointment to his mom. Maybe he felt lost. Clara became the catalyst to his wanting to become a better man, so I watched his growth with interest and cheered him on. I would've said that changing for someone else is a bad idea (you should change for yourself, because you want to be better), and this was brought home to me when something happened and Adam disappointed me with his behavior. This is toward the end--that moment when Luke saw his bare ass and we realized what was happening--and it shook my belief in their love. How could a man who's in love do something like that? It did appear Adam hasn't grown enough. Clara on the other hand is a wonderful heroine--strong and brave and my kind of bookworm! I love how she didn't give in to Adam easily, that she made him work to win her. I also love Luke and his friendship with Adam, as well as his protectiveness toward his little nephew, Collin, who is such a darling. That said, there are some typographical errors and word usage that I felt didn't make sense, and these would've been corrected by a good editor. Rating: 3.5 stars
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Tame The Beast
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