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Interesting Take on a Well Known Fairy Tale
Feb 5, 2018
This reimagining of a well loved fairy tale is amazing! I love how the author breathed life into the cardboard characters in the fairy tale. Even the prince has some sidekicks that we didn't know about and Cinderella's fairy godmother is of a different sort. I enjoyed this revisit into my childhood, and I believe every kid should know this version of the tale as well. However, and it may be the adult romance junkie in me speaking, but I wish we could have seen more of Ella's interaction with the prince, instead of her um...(spoiler) to know his thoughts and intentions. If they had talked more, it would've strengthened the bond and connection between them. She could've opted not to use her ability when it comes to the prince. Also, how Ella got the prince to fall for her? Romance readers all over the world would revolt. On the relationship development side, it's definitely not recommended for it to happen that way. I wouldn't have believed in their relationship or that it would even last, unless through sorcery. That said, fairy tales are not known for in-depth character and romantic development (if there's any romance at all), so perhaps this story is merely staying true to its origins. That aside, it's truly an interesting take on a well known fairy tale. I hope the author would change this part of the tale and let the prince and Ella develop their feelings naturally. If he did so, then it's a tale I would recommend highly for fairy tale and romance junkies.
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Cinderella: The Brothers Grimm Story Told As A Novella
Mike Klaassen
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